The origins of 3D games

Hey everyone. After looking at some advanced trigonometry articles, I somehow found my way over to articles on Mode 7. For those of you who have seen “older games”, the likes of the original SNES games, and Doom, you may have noticed some psuedo-3D going on; It seems 3d, but not fully 3D. This is the result of some of the first forages into the world of 3D. Anyway, I found some interesting articles that I wanted to look at recreating in blender. However, I haven’t yet had the time to do so, but I thought I would share them with you, and also post a starting point blend file;
Included is:

  • Enable and Disable opengl 2D drawing (may be useful if manually drawing to screen).
  • Normalized device coordinates to pixel coordinates (a screen represented as 1.0 to -1.0 in the X and Y is converted to pixels)
  • Example on how to load an image, write it to an RGB array and read each RGB pixel if neccessary (latter part in comments)


gl.blend (478 KB)

Brick image from
You could use the blender UV map for testing, it would probably work better.