The other Dimension

Greetings to all.
These last few months seemed to have changed blender’s face. Many feature told impossible a few months ago, are in demos today. So let me push my luck.
First of all, I can’t write code (I believe my head hasn’t been formated for that yet), I might understand what it’s doing, but writing it, is another story.
And you might have read a similar thread on another forum or even this one.
Now for the main thing, I here summon the masters in coding to grant me and the commuinty an impossible wish in BGE : PROCEDURAL GENERATION, It allows the engine to generate geometry proceduraly, on the fly, base on noise algorithms (@ laest I thik they are). And maybe atmospheric scattering as well.
For you to have an idea of what I’m bubbling about, I bet it’s not new for you, is in here . Pliz download the demos for a better viewing.
I also contacted Mr. O’Neil, the soource code owner, and he granted me full access to it (I hope he shows up some time…), I shall also request his help, or just guidance so we can all benefit from other Masters, so pliz use it if possible to improve our beloved Blender.
I also know it’s possible to accomplish it if we ca “wrap” the code and make it work on python. The guys who use Panda 3D were able to do it. And the new builds seem to strt making wonders with the GL capabilities, so…
The benefits of such features: The ability to generate enormous amounts of geometry without having to model every element, like almost infinite forests, mini universes, quasi infinite amount of detail in texture, populate areas- with people or animal, etc; and al that with LOD (level of detail and culling).
Although I still think it’s an almost impossible job on BGE, getting there, will get us to another Dimension.
Also check
Thank you for your attention.