The Other Side

This is my first try with luxrender.

This is a theme I had in mind for a long time but never had the hardware and render engine to actually tackle it.

Blender internal did not give me the results I was aiming for so after upgrading my hardware I was finally able to give luxrender a try.

Modelled and composited in blender from 2 separate renders.
Render times were about 7 hours for the poppy with ~4000 Samples/pixel and 5 hours for the syringe ( ~3000 samples/pixel) but still some noise left.

Attached are the two raw unprocessed single renders.


Cool idea nice execution. How did you separate the two renders to overlay them like that?

thats pure awesomeness right there. great concept, great modeling, my new desktop background. :smiley:

Cool, thats a very cool render. The hairs on the flower stem look a little off, but look perfect in the glass. I can’t help ya there, or much anywhere else :D. I just call em where i see em :smiley:

Thanks for your comments.

I painted a mask for the syringe render in gimp which I used subsequently in the compositor to mix the two source images. You may have a look at my site. In my showroom I usually have all blend files for my finished projects ready for download.

Yes, as luxrender does not support the static particles I had to convert it to an object and do a little tweaking to get it rendered, but without much control over the material settings.

Very nice, loramel, clean and extremely well looking. I think your system upgrade is starting to show its power :smiley:

Nice idea and overall mode. Perfect lighting as well.

It looks cool. Mind explaining the theme a bit? I am trying to think of the connection between the rose and syringe. I see the flower as maybe representing life and the syringe death? That is my guess.

Actually the flower is a poppy. I had hoped that I had managed to get some resemblance …

And one of the possible products out of the poppy sap is opium which is the basis for producing heroin.

So, beauty may often have two sides …

Hope this clarifies things a bit :slight_smile:

Look at that!
Cool red! :eyebrowlift:
what i see i there is a flower that think that it may help life in the same time end life.
good job.