The OTHER texturing/materials method

appart from wrapping a Jpeg around an object, there is the other method of using the functions in the materials settings on Blender. Ihave not as yet come accross a tutorial on how to use that at all.

Can anyone help me? I dont always have access to all the Jpegs that I may need in order o create the images that I want. For instance if I want to create stony textures, I will prpbaly need the internal materials controls, right?

Can anyone help me as i have a major congintive block and have not been anle to clear it with analysis of the texture/materials repository.

Once i have mastered that I will have to getmy head around Dirtmaps and the like (but that is going backto LSCM mapping, right? (please forgive the poor newbie)) :frowning:


You are probably looking for this:

Not really a tutorial, more a reference though. It will help you to understand the materials repository.

As long as you need just general distortion or dirt, you may do pretty well with procedurals.

Can we paint specularity maps in Photoshop, save them as jpg and use them in Blender? I guess bump maps can be made like this.

Yes, just turn off Col and map it to Spec.


yep, also, you don’t have to save them as jpeg, blender reads a number of formats, including PSD ( photoshop document ), but stay away from .bmp format. blender doesn’t like it for some reason.