the outside-Blender common Tabkey function

(haunt_house) #1

Lets say I have 149 Bones and I want to name them. I go into edit mode, I press Akey and F9key, but then! Do I really have to click everyone of them to name them? is there a jumpkey?

thank you


(theeth) #2

I’m not sure if I understood your questions right, but here goes:

no, you have to click the name you want to edit, there’s no key that has the same effect as Tab in other programs…


(haunt_house) #3

I deeply hope that you didn´t understannd my question right…

cause I don´t like the answer…

But I´m afraid you did.

I´d just like to jump to the next field without bothering my mouse. If you have a complex armature, it can be annoying.

Thank you :frowning: