The Party Will Continue Without You

Pure Blender.


Very, very good. I loved the atmosphere of the environment!!!

brilliant, and I like it.

I can’t say I understand it but outstanding. I’m curious how you did that light beam.

Very nice composition Sam, I’ll have to rotate my monitor 90 degrees to really appreciate it :wink:

Very cool and different, if not slightly confusing :wink:

but that’s what makes it interesting.

That light beam was achieved with Volumatrics, if I am not mistaken! Never been able to get it to look that good myself though…

I like it, although (like the others, apparently) don’t think that I fully understand, but that makes it different. I like different.

Beautiful, the mood is exceptional. The detail that I like the most are the little holes/stripes of the walkway. It’s an underwater scene?

Thank you, Square! You’re not the only person who thought it was an underwater scene. That wasn’t my intention, but if that’s how you read it it’s fine by me.

kinda gives me the impression of the scene where you defeat GlaDOS in Portal 1.

very nice!

Compositing is exceptional! (The rest can be worked on)