The Passage

This is my entry for the current CG Boost “Space Carrier” challenge.

Process Summary
Sci-fi is really the reason I ever got into 3D art in the first place. Oddly enough, I rarely have a chance to explore the genre. When I saw the topic of the challenge I jumped at the chance to create something for it and started immediately! Influenced heavily by games like Freelancer and Homeworld, as well as the re-imagined BSG series, I wanted to portray a journey through a lonely and forgotten place by a small band of ships.

The carrier vessel was where I started. It was my first serious attempt to create something without the use of sub-D. My first design did not work and was repurposed as a wreck in the background. The Environment went through four major revisions, ranging from a world volume scatter, procedural world and contained volumes in Eevee, and finally modeling clouds with the modifier stack to get the exact shape I wanted. Then I modeled a few rocks for a particle system.

It was a lot of fun learning about all these methods of making clouds and cloud-like structures as well as the non sub-D side of modeling. One thing is for sure. This project has reignited my passion for Sci-fi art. I’m sure there will be more to come!

The Story
A lone carrier, the Corsica travels with but a remnant of it’s task force through the Dragon’s throat. Few who dare to enter that ancient pass are seen or heard from again. The way is fraught with peril. Visibility is low, uncharted gravity wells dot the way, unpredictable storms of charged gasses and plasma are but a few of the dangers that await those foolish enough to attempt passage. The path lies riddled with the burned and broken hulks of countless ship wrecks, their missions, their cargo, their very names long since forgotten through the many millennia since the path fell from use. What madness has driven the Corsica’s Commander here? What terror could have made this grave a better alternative? Perhaps it is none of these. Perhaps there is a quest of such importance that it is worth the risk of nearly certain failure.

Final Render

Some of the ship models.

Portfolio and Social

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great atmosphere, love your colors and design only my eyes can’t decide where to focus on the ship or on the bright background :crazy_face:

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I’m glad you like it! Yes, composition is lacking a bit here. I spent way too much time learning how to create the environment and ran out of time :expressionless:

Hey Karlb, I hope you don’t mind (if so I’ll remove it). I just tested something. In my opinion you could switch the composition a little an get another effect. :wink: :+1:

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I see what you mean. Basically, having the ships take up more of the screen would improve quite a bit of the problem.