The Passing Esscort

Hey everyone here is an updated version of my Sci-Fi entry.

I hope you like it.

I would love to hear feed back whether its positive or negative. :slight_smile:



Dope, keep it up!

Very nice :slight_smile:

Thanks. :slight_smile:

This is really top notch, you did a great job. The scene is really cool and lots of great detail. Only one little thing that I could find that maybe could be tweeked. Take a look at the numbers on the prisoner. It would look better if you could somehow displace them to better match the shirt. Nitpicky, I know, but I think it’s worth maybe considering adjusting.

But you did a wonderful job on this render. I hope people will click on the preview image and take a better look.

Wow this is really really good. To think I thought that I might of tried this competition out! Man this looks phenomenal My only qualm is the eyes. TH black eyes detract from the piece. But overall it’s amazing.

Ex-nihilo, you really improved the image from your WIP. Your characters are very believeable, and fit the scene well.

Thanks for all your feedback guys I appreciate it. :slight_smile:

Here is an update where I fixed the numbers on his shirt and the eyes.

Hmm… there’s something incongruous about the characters. They seem to be composited into the scene? The convict’s feet positions don’t agree with the floor and there’s no shadow cast by the three of them.

Artistically, the protagonist of the scene is the prisoner. He seems to look like a criminal, but there’s no vibes coming off of him. Bulging muscles or red eyes, scars on the face maybe? Just a thought.

I agree with Lightman. The characters don’t seem to actually be part of the scene, they feel very “photoshopped” on there, and the whole scene does seem to be very 2 dimensional (lack of shadows etc)

I have to agree with Lightman too. On a second look the character really seem to be photoshopped…
especially when you take a closer look at the artifacts around the characters.

Pshoped or not these figures look like 3d models anyway.
Well done.
Just a note. Chains still remain, always will remain in use. Even 1000 after.
And this orange color. Chains and orange. Too american.

I think it’s a fantastic piece of art! Well done! :smiley:

Okay here an other update:

Actually the characters were all composited in blender.

I really apreacite the time you guys take to comment. :slight_smile:

Great! But I don’t like the latest update. The colors look better in previous versions. This newer one looks too desaturated.

Thanks for the tip Andrew

Here’s a colour update:

Wow! Nice Work!