The Patent "Clockophone", Erkinator & Honey

I can see the bone that is twisting when I twist the hand - it is called ORG-forearm.02.L and it runs halfway down the forearm from the wrist. All of its rotations are locked - I have tried unlocking them, but it still won’t twist.

There is a constraint on it called “twist” that has DEF-hand.L as the target. If it set the influence of this to 0.5 rather than 1 and then move the pole target for the elbow the arm looks much better, maybe I should change the weight paint for this bone so it doesn’t twist the middle of the forearm so much.

What do you guys think? I will post another render tomorrow, once I have slept on it! I don’t want to mess up something I don’t really understand.

Cheers, Clock.

So this is the render - without any changes to the weight paint, just altered the twist constraint for the lower forearm bone so it is not so strong, I guess this wouldn’t show if she had long sleeves, that was going to be my last resort if nothing else worked!

Any other ideas to solve this would also be most welcome - no name suggestions for her yet either, have you all run out of ideas? :smiley: You can always PM them to me.

Cheers, Clock.

… and this is one with a partial repaint of the weights in her left arm so that the twist is more evenly distributed, is this better? Jeez, this weight painting lark is time consuming! :slight_smile:

I have also added a focus object for her eyes and added transforms to the eyelids so her top eyelids close a little when she looks down.

Cheers, Clock.

PS. Note that she is still called “girl” - this cannot last for much longer… :confused:

Last one for now - I did some more weight painting adjustments and am now happy with her left arm, I have also added the animation for her left hand so it moves up the fretboard:

I think she has had the curling tongs out again as well… :slight_smile:

Cheers, Clock.


I need to do something with her right hand pose - it looks all wrong to me now I have got my attention off her left arm…

Hey Clock

Sorry to see the hassles you have had with her arm, that stuff is way out of my league so cannot even try to help.

She has become very much of a lady since her opening post all nice and pretty in a green two piece suit. All previous names I had do not suit her in her current attire, what about Modesty?

Clock I fear the worst. :frowning:


Shaun - you never know, England did pretty well with bat and ball today (Bell and Ali excepted), so miracles can happen and you have had your crap game against the Japanese, so look positive. Having said that - that was a pretty good cartoon you have there. I shall be watching the game and cheering for the Convicts to lose - wait a minute, that is Sunday’s game!

Cheers, Clock.

Bad luck Shaun, Have a beer on me and then we cheer the All Blacks next week against the Convicts? Or maybe we cheer the Pumas? But at least your guys put up a good fight.

Cheers, Clock.

Hi Clock

Kiwi’s it is then, cannot see Pumas doing anything against the Aussies.

Think it must be something with those guys down under getting the sun 1st and it is stale by the time it gets to us. :smiley:

On a serious note both England and SA have the same issues and it is not a lack of talent, its lack of BALS and BMT and individual self belief. The boys down under have that and there is no taking that away from them. I remember watching cricket in the Warne era and time and again when they got 7 men down with a pile to catch up, did Hussie or the other tail enders capitulate? Not a chance, 9 out of ten they made it with overs to spare.

Must be the sun, all the Vitamin E is gone when it gets to us.



So to the “Name the girl” bit. I have been considering Shaun’s proposal, but:

HONEY’S SISTER: “Modesty - who, Moi? ;)”

CLOCK: “Oi, put your kit on and behave!!! :ba:

Maybe this name won’t quite work. :o What can you do with these girls - I give up.

Cheers, Clock.

That’s better - and don’t do that again… :ba:

Now then, if it is not Modesty the last renders could lead to “Godiva” as her name. Only the horse is missing :wink:


I think with what minoribus has said here opens a complete new realm of possibilities, even maybe a new thread. :evilgrin:

Like to see a blend of #134 and #131. :smiley:


To fix your arm twist problem you have two choices, weight painting or shapekeys with drivers. I am assuming that you are using Rigify with it’s two bone deformation system on the legs and arms. You need to decide if you want to use the stretchy hose feature of the arms and legs to determine which method you use to solve the twisting problem. (Don’t change the constraints)

If you will never use the bone tweaks (this is often the case for realistic humanoids) use the weight painting method. If you want to add some cartoony deformations to your animation, use the shapekey method.

Weight Painting Method:

The two bones system allows you to have two weight maps for deformations . The upper bone will only rotate in the x and z axes. The lower bone is the twist and only rotates in y. It’s nearly impossible to create a weight map that will work for all axes, so the two bone system was invented to solve this by splitting up the deformations.

When weight painting the first bone, treat the second bone as it does not even exist. It should have a strong influence all the way to the end of the second bone.

Your weights should look something like this:

The second bone controls the twisting. The weights should have tapered look.

Notice how the forearm mesh has a smooth twist from the elbow area to the hand. All of the edge loops make a smooth arc. The hand in these images is twisted 90 degrees. This will help weight paint a smooth transition.

Don’t go by the color in these images. These weights are not normalized. I suggest using that option when weight painting to get all values to equal 1.00

The down side of this mothod is you will break the stretchy hose (arm/leg tweaks) of the rig. You need a different weight setup to make that look good.

Shapekey Method:

Weight your bones without extending the influence very far past the bones. It should look more like this:

This will make the tweak bones behave in a way that keeps them useful, but your arm will twist badly like in you images.

To fix the twist, create one or more shapekeys to smooth the twisting. Add drivers to auto correct the bad deformations. I know that I don’t need to give you a tutorial on how that is done as you are the king of drivers. I use the ORG bone positions to drive my shapekeys.

The shapekey method is the longer route, but it gives you better control over the mesh and it will not destroy the tweak bones functionality. If you weight too far past the bones end points (like in method one) it looks very bad when using the tweaks.

Good luck!

Here is a quick demo of how I fix the twisting issue. The corrective shapes are not very accurate, but they will do for this demo. The model is auto weighted with very little touch up.

Remember to finalize your weight painting before making corrective shapes as all shapes will be relative to the weighting. Also note that there will some differences between the original Rigify rig and the Pithipoy version.

Good luck!

no biggie, but she’s holding the violin bow wrong.


Good idea - Shaun has provided a horse, but maybe she will need a modelled horse, This I will look at after my holiday. Thanks for the suggestion!


Thanks for the picture, I will try to do this at some stage - I am going on holiday next Sunday and will be away in the Himalayas for 4 weeks, so this will be my December project, I think a new thread would be a good idea, along with giving her some more hair!


Thanks for that Dan - I have been away for a couple of days hence the delay in getting back to you. I have downloaded the file and will look at it today.


Thanks also for this - I have to admit I am not a violin player, so I seem to have got it completely wrong! I will do some adjustments today to fix this as per your link.

Cheers, Clock.

Hey Clock

Missed the whole thing, was just settling down to have a look at the Aussies get their arse kicked and we had a family crisis.

Even though our boys never featured Clock at least we get to kick back and say, we are very happy with who lost, HA HA HA HA HA (Evil laugh)

When I get big like you I am also going to be wanting to go to the Himalayas, sorry for being stupid about this, but what can you do there and what can you do there for a month, is that the place they give you a Llama to ride.

Clock I will give you the address for this place. :smiley:


Llamas are normally found in South America, more likely to be a Yak I think, seriously we have a Range Rover and a driver for the duration. We will mainly be in Bhutan (just F***F***No, sorry, DuckDuckGo search it) anything up to 3,000 metres above sea level. There will be plenty to do - I may even post some pictures on my “Own Cloud” when I get back. Yes, I have created my own version of iCloud on my server, but I am not giving the URL away just yet…

The beach looks nice, but I would go mad if I had to stay in that Hotel - I prefer a small villa or 15 room hotel in the middle of nowhere!

Cheers, Clock-geting-into-holiday-mode.

PS. I am still laughing about the rugby result, and the Chelsea result, and the Sunderland result, etc. ,etc. I think Jose Mourinho needs some “Anger Management” or “Stop-Whinging” therapy.


Just noticed we kicked the Kiwi butts in the Rugby League fixture today - laughing even louder now!

Here’s the band!

I probably won’t get much more done before my holiday, so have a nice time folks, while I swan around the Himalayas! :slight_smile:

Cheers, Clock.

Here’s the band!

Have a good time in the Himalayas, Clock!