The Patient Mental

Ive been out of the blenderworld for a while ( :expressionless: :frowning: ) and this is my first blend for about a month.

It is titled, “The Patient Mental”
was inspired by a song by the same name, by the band, Mudvayne.

The patient mental sits and stares,
An idle mind that’s empty, screaming, staring back.
Why won’t they leave him, leave him alone?
A passive speared ritual, driven by our war ship… the hate-driven enemy.

this is just a little beggining, prolly wont have much more going on, but its getting late…


Excellent. One question is which light source the shadow of the lamp on the ceiling is coming from. It throws me a bit. I like the idea of ambient lighting, but I also like the idea of a dark padded cell with raw lighting, illuminated only by a single nearly bare lamp dangling precariously from the ceiling. Love the clock. I’d also like to see perhaps some rips or tears in the padding, but perhaps that would ruin the wonderfully sterile yet dark feeling it has. Anyhow, hope that helped. Keep it up.

Oooo Reminds me of the game Alice. :slight_smile:

I like the idea…but if I was locked up in there… you can guess what I’d do … I’d jump and hang on the chain of the lamp … untill it comes down…then I’d wrap it around my head… or bash my own head in with it…

So much for a ‘safety-room’… but I like the concept…


good to see you’re back blending again. you’ve made it almost surreal /dream-like. The clock arms on the back wall + lighting makes the render work imo.

Same question as anogarir - where’s the light coming from to create the ceiling lamp shadow?

Me like! Very ambient pic.
I think the think that makes the pic is the camera.
That cool surreal tilted angle.

And if you were in a padded room, you would be in a straightjacket so you couldn’t hang on the light fixture

I think the pic needs to have raw lighting as well. If would probably be effective if there was no lamp shade, just bulb. If would suit the minimalistic style of the pic and also be kinda creepy and stick with the theme. If you did do this you would replace the chain with a cord, maybe and perhaps you could have it swinging, project harsh light on the object it is swinging towards and casting the further reaches of the cell in to darkness

Looks like something out of an old David Bowie film clip or something. :smiley:

I like this and although I can see scope for some more modelling in this scene, I actually really like the render itself - devoid of colour and texture.

I’m hoping the final piece doesn’t lose that ambience.