The patio

Here is a sweet scene, I tried to recreate the atmosphere of a patio flooded by the sunray light. It is a quite common 3D rendering “genre” but I wanted to play with pilors and light. Other renderings views will follow … Hope you like.

*** Based on comments and crits the image below has been changed since the first post, the blue sky was added ***

C&C are of course welcome.

Glad to see you took some peoples crits, it looks even better.

Really nice work, definitely one to submit to’s gallery :stuck_out_tongue:

Awsome, no sky though, I think it would look better with a background showing through the windows.

whoa, this suprised me, my breath was gone for a second or two! O_O Congrats!

ps. as said above, all she needs is a bit of outside world then it will be done =D


Yes the sky is a problem, it is there but usage of halo spots hides it. I am working on and I will probably use two rendered images (one with and one without halos) and mix them to get the sky.

Any idea how to avoid hidden objects behind halos ?

thats really good man i think those arches need to go all the way to the roof though that gap look a little strange

Very nice. Only crit would be the lack of detail on the glass (where the ligh comes from) (and maybe its transparency?).

How did you do the plants and trees? They look awesome.

The sky should appear through the windows but I have an issue with the usage of halos.
Regarding the trees, I first tried with the Arbaro application which seems to be great to produce trees in OBJ format but I never succeeded to import them in the 2.41 version of blender (memory issue !?), I finally used trees I had in my object library (don’t remember where I found them), I modified the bigger one to give it more realistic look.

You may find models at the following links :

Thanks again to all of you guys, I finalized this rendering by adding some blue sky, I also changed the texture of the back wall to get a more soft rendering. I changed the original image (previous version is not in the topic anymore).