The Peaceful Church

I got inspiration with Rob Tuytel’s tutorial.

All critiques and tips are welcome, and encouraged.

Hope you like it.


Very nice atmosphere and lighting.
There are perhaps some problems with the scale. Check out the temple’s entrance portal, those are usually much bigger than a man. Now check out the trees to the right, and the paving stones on the access path…

Since everything else looks in synch regarding the size i would guess the object is actually too small…?

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Yeah, real nice… However, this somehow feels wrong without steps leading to entrance. This seems to be the case with pretty much every church of this size I see. Virtually none that I can think of have the entrance (and thus main floor) right at ground level.

I am not a church-going guy, but I do look at churches occasionally (especially the older gothic ones) while driving around town, and yeah, they always have a flight of steps…

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thats sick dude! btw try adding some lens blur to make it realistic

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Thank you for your comment.

I’m new in 3d design world and really so interesting. I didn’t see or it didn’t take my attention this scale problem but after you say this, it looks clearly there is a scale problem. I’ll fix this. Thank you again.

@norka Thank you for your opinion. Probably you are right. This is going to look a little weird, but I’m Muslim and I haven’t seen a lot of churches. After that, I’m going to do some research before I start a project.

Thank you i will. :slight_smile:

I like the grass. It’s much better than most grass I’ve seen. But there does seem to be an inherent fakeness about the overall feel of the image. Did you use filmic log incoding base?

Thank you and yes i did use. I think there’s a lot I need to learn.

Don’t we all :grinning:

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The entrance is small because the church is made for pigeons. You can see some of the bird congregation flying away on their way back home. :slight_smile: But yeah, if you fix the size/scale issues, I think it’s hard to tell whether this is a photograph or a model. And that’s a good thing.

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Hocam eline sağlık, güzel olmuş :slight_smile: Yalnız neden bilmiyorum, bitki örtüsü muazzamken bina biraz kötü duruyor. Genel olarak çok iyi bir iş tabi, zaten çokta anlamıyorum. Ama bir terslik hissi verdi.

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Hahahah unfortunately you are right :smile:

Sağolun hocam kesinlikle haklısınız farklılık benden kaynaklı. Daha çok acemiyim diyebilirim. 2.5 aydır bu blender hatta 3d ye başladım ve bu yüzden bu çalışmayı üç farklı eğitim izleyerek yaptım. Çimler için blender guru, kilise için rob tuytel, ağaçlar için karışık videolar izledim. Hepsi karma olunca garip bir uyumsuzluk çıkmış ama bundan sonra dikkat edeceğim hocam