The Penguin

hope you like it!


wow i love the color balance…

quite the same like in your profile image :eyebrowlift2:

i really like this render too! nice balance of photorealism and painted style!

man this is aweoooooome

Really nice work! :slight_smile: Keep it up!

Wow, very cool.
Is it all rendered in blender? Part of it looks painted.

thanks! it is all just use blender:D

Beautiful stuff, it kind of looks like a painting, or feels like one, really sweet!

This looks amazing.

That looks amazing. Love the overlaid scratches and noise over the render.

The penguin is a stand-out. Even at the enlarged size, it looks photo-real. I think we’d all love to see how you did that and how long it took to render.

The difference in reflections is quite interesting.

thank you!,
frist i very thanks to Andrew price( , Gleb Alexandrov ( for share very usefull free tutorial.
for the composite i just use Gleb Alexandrov`s tutorial(Post-processing Tutorial in Simple 12 Steps (Blender and Photoshop)) on the you tube, the render time spend about 7 hours, i am a maya rigging artist, i also learning something like artistic design:D.

i hope it will be helpful for you!

I like it. The penguin looks really like a fluffy plush toy.

The only thing that irritates me is that the background appears like an old (slightly damaged) photograph, while the foreground shows very sharp details (reflections). Especially the metal part of the spoon pops out of the image as it does not belong to it (feeling a little bit inconsistent).

This is really minor critics. Overall it looks really great.

Looks very nice.
Nice ton and composition.

Top quality, inspiring.

Death to the alliance!

Haha, awesome work

I really like the penguine. I would love to learn how to make that material! Very nice indeed!

Outstanding, couldn’t look more like a cuddly toy, best compilment I can give it. :slight_smile:

Wow! Is just the penguin 3d, or all of it? Because honestly I am having a hard time even seeing the penguin as not real.

Nicely done!