The perfect 3D Program

How would you imagine the perfect 3D program?

Mine would be:
A mix of XSI and Blender with some extras.

Firstly, it would take Mental Ray or something like that for the internal renderer.

Everything will be node based. You would be able to connect any numeral value from one place to another by simply connecting them with a line in the node editor. It would have something like ICE too. Even the meshes would have their own nodes which would work like modifiers in blender. Not sure how to make these millions of nodes look clean.
Every vertex would basically have it’s own node, with their own names and you would be able to add custom variables into them…

The screen division would be like in Blender. But you would be able to very simply make your own panels for controlling rigs or something by dragging and dropping controls from nodes or something…

Built in scripting like in blender. Just in case i would want to program my own car physics or something for a super advanced car rig… I’m not sure about python… Never actually used it… don’t know if there’s anything better…

Modeling tools would come straight from blender. Though i would add the polygon tool from XSI, which is pretty neat. Maybe a few adjustments in the hotkeys though.
Though, you would be able to use either the hotkeys or from easy to understand menus…

Would have all the modes that Blender has. Object mode, edit mode, sculpt mode, etc.

It would also have the video editing tools of blender…

Would have a Zbrush like Sketch thingy.

Customisable appearance, like in blender.
Though more options, like alphas and maybe glows or something…

Selection tools like in XSI

A hotkey for toggling between vertex, edge and face selection modes.

An outliner with folders, where you can easyly, rearange objects any way you like…

viewing modes:
Bounding box, Shadeless, Solid, Solid textured, GSLS (With realtime shadows)
There would be a checkbox to view the wireframe over any of these modes. You can select the alpha and colour of the wire very easyly.
These view modes would be selected on the outliner for any object seperately. Or for groups, or for every model out there…

Gimp tools 100% built in for ‘on model’ drawing.

Unwrapping as cool as blender has.

Support for a hell lot of model formats…

Tablet friendly.

As friendly to a new user as possible.

The Official site would have complete free video lessons that would explain everything from start to finish. And people working there would update those videos if workflows change.
A Material base, a texture base, models.

No need for any game engine…

Fast and perfect cloth and smoke and whatever…

Rock solid, no bugs. :slight_smile:

this list can go on forever :stuck_out_tongue:

truespace 3.1

Truespace actually wasn’t bad in the later versions… Would have been interesting to see what it would have become if MS hadn’t killed it.

Mine would be 100% voice activated! So creating artwork would go something like this.

  1. Start the app
  2. Say “modeling”
  3. high rise, 12 floors, 22 years old, no 33 years, no make that a historic building
  4. once i’ve described the look and am happy with it i move on to
  5. “lights”
  6. location = Toronto, 6 PM, cloudy day, no make that sunny … a little less, a little more, PERFECT!
  7. “camera”
  8. go back a block … no the other way you dummy, STOP! that’s it
  9. “render”
  10. I don’t like it
  11. delete, new file
  12. city generator, generate Toronto, no make that Vancouver …
  13. render
  14. save tiff
  15. upload to clients FTP server
  16. wait for approval

Brecht might be already testing an early alpha of the above which will eventually become Blender 3.x

A further developed version would go like this:

  1. Plug wires from a USB device into your mind
  2. Press the “show artwork in mind” button. Also press “censorship” button whenever needed.
  3. Save the output.