The Perfect BGE Game

i started a game where if you walk on the wrong floor that has a health pack on it you fall.
if you walk on some other floor that has a health pack on it you do not fall.
the health packs increase health of coarse.
is that a good start?
one time I made walls that the player could push against and they would move.

good start. I’ve also idea of game for Josip

You start with a window open, you can throw cakes on a wall then a cat barks on the dog. If the dog responds to the cat OR if the wall is yellow (random selection when game launch) then you lose. For inventory, i suggest : an helicopter, a fish (for energy bar) and 2,3 different cakes. Having an helicopter is good way to win the game.

Any more ideas for the inventory ? I’m not sure how to make a good GUI for the inventory, maybe directly in the game menu ?


game idea
collect as many fruit on the ground as you can.without getting hit by falling fruit.the falling fruit
would just appear and fall on you if you pick the wrong fruit to pickup.
these could be combined in one videogame.

I like this one, also easy to integrate with YoFrankie characters

when are you going to start?

I wont, I’m working on a series of games that are not related to this.
This is just a test to see the state of our community. I was away for a long time and wanted to see if things have changed. They have, but not for the better.

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wonderful summary. :+1:


I like roguelike arcade shooters like Binding of Isaac
and Monolith (Lately).

  • Its easy to get into and out for even a few minutes if you’re mostly busy during the day.
  • There isn’t that much content needed when everything is randomized, you can get hundreds of weapon combinations, it makes each play feel quite fresh.
  • Monolith is retro 8bit stylized, which reminds me of amiga games and makes me feel warm and nostalgic inside. But I think that theme wouldn’t matter that much. Honestly, I could probably play as a cube and shoot Susane’s heads if the gameplay is fun…
  • In Monolith you are a small spaceship exploring ancient temple, fighting ghosts and demon-robots. Your companion and a shopkeeper is a bouncing cat who randomly redecorates game’s main hub area with garbage he finds in the dungeon. I really like this kind of absurd sense of humor especially since, I bet that the spaceship ‘character’ was a placeholder in what was probably initially going to be more ‘sane’ fantasy themed game but at some point they were just like ‘…what do you mean the deadline is next week?! Ah fu!k it, the spaceship stays!’. I can appreciate that…

I am not sure where I was going with this… sorry, anyway, standing out as ‘this pretty game’ or this AAA FPS with realistic physics, or a game with exceptionally well crafted, film like plot or whatnot would require team of professionals and bags of money. I’d say it is probably best to keep it small, original, and most of all FUN.




This is the solution (?) :thinking:

Or you just like it (?) :thinking:

Best solution so far :grinning:





I Always loved this game’s progress !!!



IDK Guys but i know that nobody’s a space boy fan, i madeTBW to cater to that Audience i chose not to go original on the game cuz it’s BGE not UE so yeah but anyways hopefully TBW Caters to that target Audience of the space boy fantasy genre (Star Wars Inspired Game) , im still debating abt it being an open world experience but i know it cant be open world due to its linear mission design atm in the documentations i designed over a year ago!

but other wise that’s what its in for!

Also i wouldn’t say that my game is AAA on UPBGE but as the owner of TBW i i choose to take the responsibility that i cant speak on behalf of the project the game will speak for itself once more content drops guy’s!



  • This Game Was meant to cater to the racing boy fans, dudes who like cars and racing and simply the driving experience , and i thought of a way of making it in such a way that how can the racing experience be paralleled to today’s latest AAA Racing titles such as Forza Horizon Series and the NEED FOR SPEED SERIES but by kinda blending the 2 in 1 taste! (SR AWNW 2 is just that exactly!)

So yeah i have 2 projects trying to meet this Thread’s title but specifically targeting a certain Audience!

:thinking: Though SRAWNW 2 was being made on BGE normal at the beginning of the projects development i shall still continue both builds till the end to distinguish the difference between LIMITATION (BGE) and POSSIBILITY (UPBGE) in my opinion offcourse.

Unfortunately i cannot cater to everyone and also i do whats in the best interest of my abilities to produce such honest True and neat work here on the Blender Artist Forums!


Where can I download those games?

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Hey man :smiley::+1: Srry to say this but BETA’s are currently on their way atm but these will be available at my in a couple of months im still refining more stuff before i can release them.
(and lastly my content Releases will Premiere the Projects Release Dates for the Public Demos)

Downloads will be available @ K-Studios!



Hey buddy here’s my New 2v2 Contest POLL thks to @RPaladin for inspiring me to start making polls on my threads now! :grin::+1:



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Voted in the poll.


Don’t know if this thread is actually finished or if you rage_quited :wink:

But my question to you is have you tried this BGE add-on (?)

If you made a finished BGE Multiplayer game then you would definitely be helping the BGE moral :slight_smile:

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The thread is not finished because I’m still interested in what the community wants as the perfect game to represent BGE.
I don’t know about that addon but I do have a working multiplayer system and host my own matchmaking server, its all designed for BGMC games and some templates/games will soon be posted.


@Josip_Kladaric KRUM Battle Arena !!!
(Battle Arena should be the best game that’ll represent the Perfect BGE Game since its made using BGE!) from @haidme

My Game TBW is representing UPBGE Branch…