The Pessimist and the Optimist

This is one of my most recent projects, the ongoing battle of wits between the pessimist and the optimist…

Pure Blender 2.42 render.

Thank you very much for viewing my work,


That, my friend, is beautifull! Besides the fact that you are RobertT, this is amazing! The idea alone is worth a grammy…
One of the best interpretations of “A sound of thunder” I’ve seen lately!



Great image. one crit: wouldn’t the pessimists ball cast a negative light/shadow onto the optimist? could u bend the pessimists had to better cup the ball? thx.

The optimist is bathed in too much light considering it has what appears to be negative light source being held in his head, but then again what would be the point of having the optimist all dark?

Also, given the detail of all that lace stuff both faces seem a bit simple by comparason, and the optimist’s neck is in a slightly unnatural postion, maybe bring the head to (his) right a bit.

Over all; great modelling, use of color, composition, lighting and interpretation of an idea.

How the heck does ‘A sound of Thunder’ relate to this?

Anyway, good work there. Some of the colour work is kinda off kilter, but I assume you know what you’re doing enough to have chosen it.

My understanding is that the pessimist holds the earth in his hands and points to all the problems this little once blue planet has. He sees only the dark sides of what is going on on this planet.
The optimist is the one who takes the chances, who knows the elements of chaos theory and that one butterfly can have a real effect to much bigger things. So he takes his chances and releases his “butterflies”.

This butterfly-thing was one of the main elements of the original story “a sound of thunder”. Thus this picture reminded me to the original short story of richard p. dick.



gunnarstahl: Thank you very much, gunnarstahl. I’m glad you liked it.

RogerWickes: Thanks! The ball is actually floating over and away from his hand.

TheANIMAL: I appreciate the feedback. Each of the stylized characters have complex energies and ideologies about them, and neither can drown out the other in darkness or light, as much as either might like to.

BlackBoe: Thanks for the reply. Yes, everything is as it was intended to be, including the colors. The pessimist might have everything turn bleak, vain green if not blackened, compared to the rainbow hues of the eternal optimist.


Ha, nice, but if the pessimist is dark and the optimist is light then shouldn’t the pessimist have a more negative mood in the lighting surrounding him.

it is cool, but I think the pessimist appears to be a badboy and not realy a pessimist man.

Good work

I’m sorry for my English, i’m French :stuck_out_tongue:

nini_404: Thanks for the reply! Neither characters are what I would consider good/bad, or perfect/evil. Their world views definitely differ. They are debating here and are showing each other things that represent their respective realities.

Cyborg Dragon: No. Everything here is portrayed as intended. It is not the person that is necessarily negative or positive. There is an interaction and co-existence of yin and yang, and a little bit of each in each. It is the person’s thoughts and actions based on those thoughts that are of interest to me in this piece. The pessimist is miffed at not being able to persuade the optimist, while the optimist is slightly amused by the pessimist and wondering why he doesn’t see things any other way. In the meantime, there are the butterflies and black holes to consider :slight_smile:


Where is the realist!? :slight_smile:

Haha, a very good question, endi :slight_smile:

The viewer (of the image)could be the realist.


For some reason, I can’t help but think of this.

The Optimist’s left eye looks evil :rolleyes:
Great work, as always.

i liked it a lot, the dual forces are well balanced in this picture.

wow - another terrific artwork from you…

fantastic!!! like all your other stuff… keep up that work!!

The optomist expression is spot on! Good work.

Great art work as usual, nice concept…you’re very good dude!!!

Dude, this totally deserves more than three stars . . . prods rating widget.

Apologies for the delayed responses. I’m catching up after a mega busy week!

Ammusionist: Haha, good one. Thanks for the link =)

Nebular: Thanks! And maybe it is :wink: A little of each in each. Neither is totally innocent or bad, but both have strong points of view.

greboide: Cool, thanks! That balance is one of the most important things for me, especially in a literal sense in a image like this, so I’m glad you noticed and liked that =)

tommi2207: Thank you very much, tommi2207. More creations are on the way. 2.43 has me stoked!

Woodman5k: Thanks! Expressions can be challenging to capture and portray. I tried several different ones until the “aha, that’s it” moment =)

ecgilboy: Glad you liked it, ecgilboy.

Star Weaver: Haha, thanks! Well, that’s how it goes sometimes I guess. I personally only post work I believe would be hypothetically near what would be 4 stars, but who knows. Sometimes I feel stronger about a work. I can only hope people vote honestly and consider each image independently. Each of these creations has its own life, style, reason for being, etc., so hopefully that all comes through at some point.