the photorealism contest?

(stephen2002) #1

I would like to know if there is still interest in the photorealism contest?

Also, I would also like to know of the avalability of prizes (Timothy?, maby some t-shirts?), and if they are even necessary.

Let me know!

(steve343) #2

sorry photo realism just aint me im more into styalised pics

(SysAdm) #3

Soon as I can get my lazy ASS to finish the “SysAdm’s 500 Blender Object CD”… I can offer (5) for runner-ups or give them to 1-5 place in addition to any other prizes…

By the way… if you like pre-made (Blender) models… this CD is gonna kick some ass… plus it’s real cheap…

Also… I haven’t forgot or lost the 4 Blender On the Haunt runnerups addresses… hopefully I can get the CD’s to ya before Blender on the Haunt III !!!


(Goofster) #4

yeah, I would definately participate. how long do you plan to make the contest? photorealism takes a while you know :smiley:


(dotblend) #5

yes, i would join in!

(stephen2002) #6

Once I get the pages up, it would probably run for a few months.

(Zsolt) #7

Would it be a “free” contest, or would you provide a template picture? Either way, I’m definitely in!


(Goofster) #8

I think we should set a subject or something. that way it will be a contest about skill more then ideas

(hannibar) #9

This photorealism contest is a must! :smiley:

A few suggestions :

  1. Allow the participants enough time
  2. Don’t set a real subject, photorealism is already hard enough to achieve.

Ofcourse thats just my opinion.


(Andy Goralczyk) #10

yup, I’ll join, even if there would be no prizes to win…


(stephen2002) #11

Answers to some questions/conserns:

  1. There will be enough time. 2-4 months should do it.
  2. There probably will not be a specific subject. However, different things are easier/harder to do with realism. Landscapes are a lot easier to do than say a glass on a table. There will be guidlines, but it wont be “make one of these”.

I will get the contest pages up as soon as I get the chance.

(paradox) #12

I’m interested.


(Jamesk) #13

I’d definately join! I guess it would be totally OK to render with LightFlow or VirtuaLight, yes?

(dotblend) #14

1 month, 1 topic three styles, like in the cgtalk…


something with furniture

style 1 enviroment
style 2 the human furniture?
style 3 the thing itself

i’m open for suggestions
and flame

([email protected]) #15

:o you see i would join but im having trouble making pictures at all!!! let alone realistic ones… mabie one day faraway look in eyes ill make something that dont look like a looser in a paintball fight

(stephen2002) #16


(stephen2002) #17

probably not. Blender and Blender-specific plugins only.

(blengine) #18

ya, sounds like a great idea… i think it would be good to keep it strictly blender…because i mean, a blender contest on making realism with blender, should obviously NOT involve an outside renderer to do the work…hell, id import to max and render…lol
keep us updated on the start and finish times for the contest assuming there is one, there should be! woo!..

(IngieBee) #19

Just please give us enough time to do something, LOL. I can’t do it in a month, not enough time in the day/week to get something done. Hey, but I’ll give it a try, I’ll start now…


(dotblend) #20

something like this?


made in blender, renderd in blender!