The Pier

2 day project. Used blender and a little gimp:]



lemme guess…gimp for the pier texture? and is that black object in the top left a bird? but good job

Um, no actually for the pier i used blender textures(Got lazy). I used gimp for the sky background. and yes, its 2 birds.

I bet its gimp for the birds and sky.

The pic looks okay, but I have a couple critics;

I cant really see the pier, or the ocean, I would defenetly try illuminate those.
The ocean doesn’t look like it has the right color.
The ocean also needs more spec, and with the same color as the sky.
Also, do you have OSA on? Because the legs(supports) of the pier looks edgy.

But this is in Finished section.

some crits:
i agree with the illumination, the sea and pier needs better lighting / tweaking materials
the horizon needs to be a little bit up or a little bit down. In the middle as it is, breaks the image in two parts. Use the famous "rule of thirds".
by the way there’s a sea image like yours :wink: hope it helps!

Yes the sea id too dark it seems oil.
Maybe you can try also to give some movement on the water with a white froth or the reflex on the water can be more fractal.