The pigmonster returns: animation in progress

I’ve been going to school full time and working full time, so until now I’ve been too busy to get to any beloved blender work again… or really much else at all. But I gave a talk about Blender at my work (we occasionally give “tech talks” about interesting things), and so it got me motivated again. I’ve decided to return to an old model of mine, and try re-rigging it with the new armature system… so much easier!

I’ve got a crappy test of the rig here now… really hackishly animated, and I’m sure many of you could figure out the really hackish technique I used to animate it, but here it is anyway.

(click me to watch me dance!)

Anyway, so I’m gonna try to work on a full animation with him, which should include a few other characters antagonizing him. I’ll update this thread as I go.