the pilgrim, the grey toad and the golden heart (browse p.2 for more stuff)

hello!“At last! On that beautiful summer day the Grey Toad presented him with a heart. (…)
Little did he know about the foul business of The Toads; and this one was particularly wicked. Forgotten was the contract he had signed and the oaths he had taken. But why should he care?”

[INDENT]- Leaving Everything Behind And More

this piece is probably best settled in the world that i explored in this image. although in another time and season, and perhaps with a more serious plot / background.

blender + krita + gimp.
business as usual.


needless to say but… I’ll say it anyway… great work.

Great as usual! i have not that much too say… you’re to good :slight_smile:

Hey @ndy, I really like this piece. The composition is particularly good, and the mood very clearly conveyed. But a couple things don’t seem quite right:
First, just a little thing, I think the grass maybe a little too uniform is color. Perhaps adding a bit more brown into some of the grasses would help.

The other thing that’s bothering me is the toad. It seems far too much like a statue. I realize you may have been going for this look in the way that the toad is a sentry of sorts. But he doesn’t feel alive too me and I think it’s because of the mesh. There’s not a clear delineation between the body and the legs. Where the legs are just looks like another fold of skin.

Other than that it looks really good man!

The AA issues on the toad are bugging me. The filtered texture over the whole image is also really distracting to me.

Other than that, the toad is nice, the little robot is great and the composition is fantastic.

Nice work.


Thats a really cool image, just awesome.

yeah. it looks like a cool glow effect, but it messed up the aliasing on the edge of the actual mesh. i don’t particularly mind the canvas texture over the whole thing, but i would like to see a version without it.

lol. i just did a crit on a picture 10 times better than anything i’ve ever done… lol

canvas: eew yes, i dont know why i did that even, it’s ugly as hell. fixed.
AA issues: less of an AA issue, and more of a gimp resize+(too much) sharpening issue, should be better now… i like things crispy though :slight_smile:

please reload / clear your browser cache to see the update.


Not bad at all my friend, the lighting is a bit confusing and the middle ground detracts too much attention from the eyes. But the overall composition is good. 4 stars.

That is really amazing, nice work.

Yes definitely better without the canvas :slight_smile:

Agreed, much better.


Very nice :), I love the expression on the bot’s face ;)!
Great image…

Really cool! I love the way it’s presented, but I feel a little more contrast would be nice, such as between the golden heart and the robot.

Other than that, great work!
Keep it up!

woah thats awesome!
would you mind telling us how you did the lighting? :slight_smile:

Fabulous work @ndy

Very nice post prod

There seems to be a story waiting to be told. The little piece of poetry above the picture already tells a part of that story. Mr. Bot seems to have been on a pilgrimage. He gave his oath, probably something to the likes of “I will reach my goal, and if it may cost my life”. Or “I will not be distracted from my path”. Packed with these high aimes he left for the journey.

Don’t know how far he got with his pilgrimage. What I know for sure is that it ended when he met the toad. Wicked as it was it presented the golden heart to Mr. Bot.

The toad itself looks like sitting on some kind of throne. But what a kind of throne is that, consisting of mechanical pieces? Where did they come from? When looking at the other image (spring) it seems to me as if some of these parts belonged to the machnical toad. Or maybe another bot. In the end, toad killed other bots and created its throne on the remains of these bots. This throne is not a throne, it is a grave.

This automatically raises the question: This heart, was it maybe ripped out of the prey of the toad? Ripped out of the chest of the bots that now form the toads throne? Well, probably. So Mr. Bot dropped his pilgrimage to get the “golden heart”, without knowing that he made a deal with the very one toad that killed his bot-brethren and then ripped the golden heart, the very life of the bot-brethren out of their smashed bodies.

So toad is wicked. It finally found the very one piece that could distract Mr. Bot from his pilgrimage. A pilgrimage which could have ended the destruction of the bots. Which could have brought peace to all creature. Which could have brought an end to the reign of terror spread by the toads. In the end, Mr. Bot sold his soul. Holding the heart of gold in his hand, waving his goodbye to the toad, he gained all the richness in the world but lost that one item which was priceless: His own heart.

Sorry bot.

You lost much more that you gained.

Beautifull piece, @ndy!



Say what?? Just the robot is 5,5 stars.

At first glance I thought there was a little girl in the middle and that the robot was trying to convince the toad of leting her go.

Very nice, as usual. The story is very clear in the image, and the texturing/modeling is incredible!

The glow effect is nice, but I think that sometimes it can hide detail and turn pictures into a blobby mess of lights and darks. Not that it’s a big problem, just something to think about possibly…

Thanks for posting!

aaargh! the robot character screams out to be animated! :frowning:

anyways, good work @ndy!