The Piracy Of 3D Software(horrible thread, please ignore.)

My God… this is just embarrassing, ignore this if you value you’re sanity, in fact, ignore anything I have to say before 2018…

So I saw this thread

And I felt the need to say that living in a 3rd world country does not justify pirating something

This is coming from a half Nigerian and half Egyptian
Both countries are not really what I’d call “developed” though one is certainly more technologically advanced than the other

Now I could just necrobump my old piracy thread but really,
This whole, “I’m too poor to afford x game or x software” argument
deserves it’s own thread(sorry fweeb :wink: )
Besides, it’s more focused on CG software this time

You know what,John? I don’t blame you, there was a time I was just like you.

I remember back in 2012 when I was in Nigeria and I used to go on literal pirating frenzies.
I had a copy of 3ds max 2011 student edition but then I thought that to make good artwork I “needed” Cinema 4D R12.
I also had a copy of blender but… I really didn’t like blender, at all

So I pirated it with my really slow and limited 512 KBps internet connection it took a week to download(and you thought your comcast was bad :wink: )

granted it was far easier to learn than 3ds max, but I still pirated it for really silly reasons,
then I decided that no R12 wasn’t enough, let’s go with R13 , PS CS5 wasn’t enough, let’s get with CS6! After effects? Oh shiny effects, let’s download it! Adobe Audition! That must be why my mic sounds bad, because I don’t have it!
Speedgrade? What’s that? Adobe! so it must be important! It went on and on until I downloaded migraine generator 701( the 10 series still generates headaches for me, serious something about it just gives me migraines…)
I slowed down a bit and downgraded to just pirating plugins and alike.

It wasn’t until I met one of the developers of Cinema 4D in CG society that I actually thought about stopping,

I finally stopped when I downloaded blender again in early 2015.

Besides buying 3D software gives you some kind of… good feeling anyway
yeah it makes you feel like you don’t owe the developers anything.

I got a PS CC subscription shortly after I made that thread about Adobe’s subscription… where I was threatening to leave to gimp… yeah I couldn’t handle gimp, lol.
I got myself a nice Substance Live subscription(it’s worth it… except for Bitmap to material though)

I manged to get used to blender and I was actually a far better artist because of that.

You could say I was addicted to pirating stuff, weird.

The reason I brought this whole… film up was because “managing” with free software will get you further than chasing whatever new tech happens to sprout up.

Besides, FOSS may or may not be the future.

^ Funny thing is that Microsoft has admitted publicly that Piracy helps them. Microsoft is on record saying that if people are going to pirate they want the people to pirate Microsoft’s products. Bill Gates is in record saying he fully acknowledge and understands why students and new start up companies in 3rd world countries pirate all their software.

Just one of the articles

The thing about it is this, duplicating a software is not the same as duplicating a car. Its one of the worst analogies I have ever heard in my life as duplicating a car costs actual real money in raw materials where as if someone has no money to buy software a company has everything to benefit in them using a pirated version rather than open source. Because they get you hooked into their eco system and have you purchase their products at a later date.

This is the primary reason why Autodesk for over a decade was accused of condoning piracy so they can have a near monopoly on the 3D industry. It is one of the ways Autodesk did it in my country there was a conference with people from Autodesk, I attended the meeting and they told us that they know everyone who pirates their software. And in my country apparently 90% of Autodesk products are pirated copies, but the funny thing is not once did they mention that it is wrong or anyone should stop such action.

You would think that during that whole speech they would have atleast said “Stop pirating our products if you cannot afford it go and use that of a competitor” What they did say was “we suggest that when your company takes off you will buy legitimate licenses otherwise you will face a lot of legal problems”

That in itself shows you just how low Autodesk’s moral standards are, purposely condoning and allowing piracy and why they managed to have this strangle hold on the industry and strangle their competitors. They let you pirate it and when you become big, they send letters to you making you pay for the software or face legal actions. Companies are then unaware and they install a bunch of autodesk products on all their PC.

Offcourse by the time Autodesk is ready for you, you would have made a lot of money so buying their software is no longer an issue.

Oh man! Stop inventing stupid excuses to justify your piracy and soothe your conscience. You just pirate everything you want, but do yourself a favor and stay silent while doing it.

While there should be sympathy for those who live in less affluent areas of the world, there is a possible risk that comes to those who pirate software. In the past, piracy of various items, such as copyrighted music or software to advance one’s career was a veritable death knell for said career before it was even off the ground.

Perhaps the world in this second decade of the 21st century has changed; however, if a person is hoping to make a career out of 3D art, starting it off with an act of piracy from the very industry one wants to get into may lead to negative repercussions. It’s best not to take that chance.

Blender is free and offers all the learning opportunities you need for the fundamentals of 3D CGI. Once you learn those fundamentals and have a grasp of them, porting to another program really can be boiled down to just learning the new GUI and keyboard shortcuts.


You clearly don’t know how Autodesk became the monopoly of the 3D industry. And why for over a decade Autodesk purposely encouraged piracy of their software in order to demolish competitors. Its the very same way Microsoft is in record encouraging people to pirate Windows. They say “we rather you pirate our product than go to a competitor”

I don’t know how Autodesk and Microsoft gets away with that kind of business practice, isn’t that illegal and unfair to smaller companies trying to gain traction in the industry?
Why do you think that in 3rd world countries, the most popular software in 3D is from Autodesk?

Because like I said and I have been to some of these conferences, they purposely encourages piracy of their own product in order to strangle competitors and when the startup companies get big enough to repay, Autodesk comes knocking for their money. You would think that MODO and those cheaper software would be the most used in 3rd world countries but its the opposite. How Autodesk gets away with this immoral business practice is beyond belief.

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