The politely-rude GAME

Hey there,

So as I was having my morning coffee today, this familiar urge came in me to run to the place where we usualy go alone. So…I did what I did, and as I was doing it, I felt that I was entering this weird part of my brain.

I dont know if this was done before, so I decided to share this. I have 2 main reasons to start this thread.
1.I hope that something fun will come out of it at the end.
2.Since english is not my native language, Im quite curious how english speaking-nations aproach this(or people with a very deep understanding of the language aswell).

So the rules are simple.

Think of a curse phrase. You will post the phase in the most polite, gentle, respectfull kind of way. Lets see how rich the english language realy is. :slight_smile:

If you dont like the idea…oh well…as Mike Tyson once said:

"I’m going to agressively penetrate you, until you fancy the idea and grow feelings of passion towards me.’’


You are most cordially invited to the theological place of eternal damnation.


Is it “Go to He**?”

Dear readers,
It is to our disgression and heartbreak that we must state that you all have a very dimwitted point of view in writing the story.
So, therefore, we are rejecting your book.

We are very very sorry.

You act as the same bodily appendage of your superiors that you draw up into your mouth by use of a partial vacuum.

Sorry guys, but sometimes I just cant help myself from being immature;)

I am not sure how far is too far in this thread…

Ummm, yeah. You did want it polite though, didn’t you? I think that it needs a RSVP at the end though.


And @ Jonathan and TheNarrator PM me what does phases imply cause Im clueless. :slight_smile:

I’m afraid, sir, that you intelligence might be a tad low, therefor making you unfortunately incapable of pouring urine out of a boot, though it has directions on heel, and a hole in the toe.