The poor knight Kunrad..


Wanted to share my latest work:

Hope you like it.

HigherRes: On my dA-page. (just click the download button)

(Edit: changed some colors and did some minor edits.)

I’m bumping this because it took too long to get approved…

Also, fantastic work! Poor Kunrad, indeed! What did he do to deserve such a cruel fate?

Simply amazing.

The whole atmosphere of the piece is amazing, overgrown, deserted, the understated skeleton.
Monarch butterflies in Europe :wink:

Awesome work!
How long did you take to render in Luxrender?
My guess is around 15 hours…

wow, very good!!
So… does luxrender handle blender’s hair particles system too, or… what? :eek:

that is very impressive digital artwork there… i wish you all the best, congratulations, i love your style

Glad you like it 8)

@ShilaM: No, Lux doesn’t support the Particle System yet :wink:
I used some sort of a “modelled” Grass patch.
I just instanced it by using Alt+D. Take a look here.
@Carrozza: Far more… about 30hours on my Quadcore…
@sornen: Oops. I should have better payed attention to the biology lessons instead of sleeping… :o
Why there is a skeleton under a gallow with a sword in his chest?
Perhaps he asked for some salary increase…? :stuck_out_tongue:
No, thats the trick, everybody may think about the story behind it himself.
@JoaoYates: Wishes back :slight_smile:

Some additional (useless) info:

  • The scene has about 16 Mil. Polys. (Mostly used by the Grasspatches and the displacement)
  • I worked ~ 4-5 Month on it.
  • Texturing was done in GIMP via overpainting images from
  • The Ivy was done with the (oh wonder) IvyGenerator - color variation was done with Postpro.



bumping this a bit :wink:

Here are two shots from Kunrad himself:

Don’t mind the Unsharp wood texture. That was a DoF accident :smiley:

man, that rendering and composition is awesome.:smiley:

Wow, this is great! I love the overgrown, forgotten feeling & style of the piece. The lighting seems to really add to the realism. :slight_smile:

Cheers aasm27jr and Nat.

P.S: BlenderArtMag titled my image wrong - its called “verklein” there what means “verysmall”. The .jpg I sent was named like that… :smiley:

Now this is truly impressive. With glad heart i can give 5*…

He looks like a swell, fun kinda guy! Bit on the thin side though…:stuck_out_tongue:

5 stars cheers

lol …looks awesome ! ,the image was soo detailed that it took me 5 minutes to find kunrad :stuck_out_tongue:

what a wonderful image.
4 months of work well spent indeed.

could u add some focus on kunrad. he is lost in the wonderful rendering.

omg it looks like you went somewhere and took a photo of that. I thought you did until I say the Kunrad model pics.