The pouring of steel.

So I’ve been waiting for 2.43, and waiting, and waiting. Seeing I got an idea for an image I promptly went to work with 2.42. And hopefully the new 2.43 release will be around for my next one.

-Molten steel mesh made using the fluid simulator (first time I used that simulator for many months)
-Glow made using a mask and blurring it in the compositor.

UPS:you did a pretty good job on the glow…and i like your idea

hmm the lava or molten or whatever it is ain that bad…but its too white…the containers textures are too streched…

three stars…:yes:

Not that I know anything but would molten steel really be bright white? Apart from that, looks terrific
Does this not look bright white to you?

Also I saw a show on how steel is made, as I remember it is bright white when it just comes out of the furnace.

Fair enough

Flashbacks of several Unreal Tournament levels that involve containers of molten foo

Anyway. Good: Composition, lighting, fluids, shapes. The rusty/bloody bars in the background and the sort of random angles about them gives an interesting mood. Also, I’ve played way too much Silent Hill.

I’m not really sure what the texture on the containers is supposed to be; it looks like it’s supposed to be maybe some kind of earthenware? The texture is stretched a little oddly, but that only REALLY stands out on the lips of the containers where that bevel is. On the sides, the long drawn-out feeling to it helps make it feel like these things have been in use for a long time.

About the whiteness . . . It’s not actually too white; I think what people are responding to here lack of that rich orange glow that we’re used to seeing in smelting plants, as seen in that picture you followed up with and the last five hours or so of Terminator 2. It’s a different feel. I wonder if a different metal; tungsten or titanium or silver or something, would emit a more neutral light at extreme temperatures.

More like a really bright orange, hence why the photograpth looks as if there’s a big-ass orange bulb in the molton metal.

Everything around it is lit up orange in the photograpth, this adds atmosphere to the scene, something your render lacks. Right now, the render looks more like “radioactive waste” but glowing white instead of green… Also, it is highly suggested one cleans up his airbusing so the glow doesnt glow over the containers…

Some other things to consider: The metal is very hot and is actually really runny… Your render looks more like a thick goo. This is okay for a metal which has been cooled down slightly, though a more evedent “skin” would be needed in the render to show this, and it would be more orange than white and definatly not in one of those containers.

Textures are not that nice, and doesnt do any justice that close. Personally, I would have emphasised on the liquid metal / had it as the focal point by having everythign else in a basic, non textured material so it can show the brilliance of the glow without distracting one’s eyes to the horrid textures.

Alas, I agree. The ladle, first of all, in real life is encrusted with dried-on iron and (mostly) slag. It is very dull. The pouring iron definitely emits light, and quite a bit of that light will be reflected but the objects that are reflecting it absorb quite a bit.

Very well done overall, good modeling, but I’m sure not sure about lighting. I agree, while it is not “too white”, the glow and the light emitted should be more orangey. Unless you pointed a 1000w spotlight right there to light the scene, but then there wouldn’t be any glow. Right now it looks like the picture was taken using a flash.