The power of BiDir (Luxrender) - Can you trace the ray? compilation

Recently I’ve been having some fun with Blender and Luxrender :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are 18 scenes, in all of them there is ONE ray of light coming in (from right) from an IES area lamp, which is then made to reflect & refract up to 300 bounces in some cases. Most of these are rendered in just two minutes and some in just 30 seconds, the idea was to just get the light path visible - a couple of pictures have got a little more render time though :slight_smile:

It’s really interesting to try out different kind of setups and try to get the light trapped, a small tweak can have a big effect on some of the scenes.

Some of these are pretty incredible if you think what the light has to go through, poor light :stuck_out_tongue:

Try to follow the path of the ray if you can!

Click the thumbnail to show the picture.


this is cool :yes:

I do not remember, you can not animate in lux? This would be cool animated.

Dude, now that’s an idea!

Never thought of doing an animation in Lux, but it should be possible (just did a quick Google) with something called que rendering.

I’ll try to some (low res) animation :slight_smile:

Ok here’s a really simple one for a test!
720p, 10fps.
120 frames (played once backwards), render time set 30sec/frame, total render time 1h.

Got to do a better one some time :stuck_out_tongue:

Love the last render most, very nice

I have to agree with the fact that Luxrender is excellent for this type of light-based art, now if it was just as easy to create true, production-quality scenes.

Don’t get me wrong, I love this type of work and I think that is shown here is really good, but this along with simple model renders seem to make up a good majority of work on the Lux forums as of now.

Yeah mister white!
Yeah science!

this is freaking cool. Could be in a gallery!

I love these.
Impressive and well presented!

It’s awesome, some of them are pure visual art to me

now that’s some pretty sweet art.

Now this is some really cool stuff!

:o:O:O, some pretty f*ing cool stuff right there. I would love to see some of these rendered for hours, also try adding some dispersion using the glass2 material, could be very trippy!

Thank you for all of your comments!

Here are two more simple animation tests I made:

Second one is 1080p 6fps x)

The second video is nuts, it almost has a hypnotic effect where you can’t help but to watch the video all the way through.

The first video is also cool, both of these could indeed go into an art exhibit of some kind.

Thanks Ace Dragon :slight_smile:

Here’s few more 1080p images I rendered. Posted some for Lux’s math is beautiful/abstract wallpaper competition.

Click for full size.

Insanely thin beam bouncing a lot

(thumbnail not working)

5Gon storm center :wink:

Dispersion version test

“math” lol

This one I tried to get as clean looking as possible. Monkey creating caustics like a boss.
(thumbnail not working)

A small extra piece, finally got some light going in the last letter in the end - trace the ray! :evilgrin:

Thanks for checking these out :slight_smile:

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Good work. Awesome renders!

Can anyone tell me how the actual path of the light rays are visible?