The power of bump mapping

Look at these cave-like walls:

They are in fact nothing but bump mapping.
Here is the original material with no bump mapping:

Who needs displacement maps anymore :cool:

There is a method where you can do bumpmapping with nodes, there’s a thread on that way back in this forum. The advantage is that you can set the nabla value to 1 and crank the effect way up.

heh, if you scroll up and down over the second pic, it looks like its moving.

You’re right. That is some awesome pump mapping. I could almost swear… those pixels are being like, pumped right out of the wall!

Pump it up,

  • paroneayea

It looks kind of lame to me and it certainly won’t hold up at different camera angles. Displacement actually creates geometry that the camera can see. The second image is totaly noob. The lighting is very bad.

You must be sick today :ba:
This forum is for tests, not “finished” projects.

No offense intended, keep using Blender!

I’m the guy who will tell you that you have a piece of spinach in your teeth rather than let you walk around all day and not know.:yes:

Let your guard down man :rolleyes:
I didn’t intend even to show it, I was just experimenting with bump mapping and this test only took me a couple of minutes to make, the lamp is the default lamp and the cube is the default cube, albeit sized and moved a bit :slight_smile:

Hmm… I’m not totally sold on that. I’d need to see some sort of animation before I’ll give my ok.

I’d like to see parallax mapping in Blender too, but I guess that won’t be around for some time…

It would look better on a sphere than a cube, put more than one light in, add some AO, make it more than just the default scene.

Oh wow. thanks for showing us the power of this nearly 30 year old technique, because the rest of us were blissfully unaware of it’s existence.

Who needs displacement maps anymore :cool:
Let me take a wild guess; Someone who doesn’t want it obvious that he’s using a texture on the inner side of a cube?

</ Grinch mode>

What’s the harm in demonstrating the power of this nearly 30 year old technique?
Repetition is nothing to be ashamed of. People have been modeling cars for years and they are still doing it although car modeling is probably the most overdone.

Do I have to be really cynical to get attention?

Normal mapping is all the rage these days again. People are painting bumps in zbrush and other sculpting tools and exporting these as normal maps. And only very recently games have caught up with this 30 year old tech.

It’s certainly a very powerful technique to show little bumpy details whose geometry is not really seen at a distance. Why displacement on skin for instance? Unless you’re a dragon…

HAHAHAHAHAH. Ya think!?!? :D:D:D

I really want parallax mapping for blender. It would make a great fast replacement for displacement with millions of verts… and it is already possible in real time.