The Power Tower
this is my newest render. I did it it in about an hour. Try and guess what it is or how it works. cause i still dont know how it works and i see it every day. BTW a hint im a lifeguard. But it hasent worked for the 3 years ive been there.
comments and critique welcomed


looks nice, but I can’t figure out how it works… realistic though! reminds me of early modernist photography.

Well i had work today so i went up to that Lifeguard spot and tried to figure it out cause im about 100 ft up, nobody was coming on the slide and i was bored. it has rarely worked. its sopposed to bring tubes up so the guests dont have too
its hard to explain but the way i see it is that the blue part brings tubes up and it is slid onto those bottem slide things and it rotates around till theres an opening and the tube falls down to the guard pushing the slide. its really confusing and i need to fix it to make it seem like it would work lol