The Predator (Updated)

Hey Guys!

Here’s some of the finished artwork I created for my latest project, afull course on creating a Dinosaur in Blender.

Created entirely with Blender, and rendered with Cycles, (except for the background which is an Image.)

Update: Here’s another render I just finished:

Also you can check her out animated in the Teaser I created for the DVD here:


My next WiP.

Cant wait. :RocknRoll:

Something’s up with the materials that makes them look like metal or a metal-like material in the first two images.

Might need to tone down the reflectivity and turn up the SSS.

Yeah with these shots I cranked the reflectivity up a bit, because the dino is in the rain, (As you can tell from the first shot.)

Of course, but it does give the impression that the reflectivity wasn’t turned up according to the IOR of water (which is about 1.3).

Perhaps the harsh lighting contributes here.

Here’s another render: