The Predator (Updated)

(Webhead) #1

Hey Guys!

Here’s some of the finished artwork I created for my latest project, afull course on creating a Dinosaur in Blender.

Created entirely with Blender, and rendered with Cycles, (except for the background which is an Image.)

Update: Here’s another render I just finished:

Also you can check her out animated in the Teaser I created for the DVD here:


(Anthony C) #2

My next WiP.

Cant wait. :RocknRoll:

(Ace Dragon) #3

Something’s up with the materials that makes them look like metal or a metal-like material in the first two images.

Might need to tone down the reflectivity and turn up the SSS.

(Webhead) #4

Yeah with these shots I cranked the reflectivity up a bit, because the dino is in the rain, (As you can tell from the first shot.)

(Ace Dragon) #5

Of course, but it does give the impression that the reflectivity wasn’t turned up according to the IOR of water (which is about 1.3).

Perhaps the harsh lighting contributes here.

(Webhead) #6

Here’s another render: