The Premier

Making a new personal vaporizer (for vaping). Here is my new design. I am currently scouting machine shops to put it into production. Blender 2.71 and Cycles.

Good design! Only 510 threaded? and which battery size?

Yes - 510 threaded. Render shown 18650 tube, but there will be 18490/500 and 18350 tubes as well. I plane to also do runs of ss, brass, and bronze.

I guess we are the only vapers on the forum lol

I’ll look forward for youre future design

Could be we are the only ones. I have only helped out other modders before with CAD work for them. It is interesting trying to strike out on my own. Visited a machine shop yesterday, and will visit another today - I had no idea that machining was so expensive. I may have to do a few runs of only 10-20 at first and build up to the 50-100 runs.

Nice tint. Hmm, looks like a 22lr gun silencer for spy girls ! :stuck_out_tongue:

this looks cool, but why go to the trouble of custom-designing a cylinder?

my GF’s parents are big-time vapers, they would be interested in this.

If you are not a vaper, you probably wouldn’t get it. It’s an entire sub-culture by itself. People general like artistic looks along with functionality in there PVs (personal vaporizer) - almost like jewelery. Take a look here to see other vaperizers:

No, I get it… but why not go further? I mean, if you’re going to go full custom, why not get some amazing crazy-ass sculpt 3D printed at shapeways and then put the battery compartment inside that? I feel like if you really want to express yourself, it’s a little surprising that your means of expression begins and ends at a nearly unadorned metal cylinder.

However, this makes me think I could make bank producing what I described above… must think on this one…

Either way, cool use of the software, your design is just a little plain for my taste.

I have thought of that, but unfortunately, 3d printing still has it’s limitations. Just the cost of production would be way higher than what I could hope to sell them for, and that’s if the “metal” materials conducted electricity - they don’t, or very little. Voltage drop is something you don’t want in a PV.