The Presentador - Looking for any feedback

Hi, new here. I’m an old hand at Blender, but actually finishing things is new. And making something actually appealing is difficult. Composition and lighting are my weakest points. Looking for any and all feedback.

I made some things in paint .net to show some, perhaps, ideas.

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Oh, NICE! I feel like the setting sun is pretty, uh unrealistic in this lighting scenario, but this is a present shooting tank van after all and maybe suspension of belief has already been fired out the window.

Thank you!

Overlapping all the main objects in such a dark setting makes a big blob of a layout. the vehicle is the important object…“subject” and all else is secondary. With no depth of field… makes it more difficult to comprehend. Think “Product Shot” in this situation, your vehicle is most important… not the landscape "clutter.

Don’t try to show all. Pull in closer, get an angle of vehicle and make all else a blur. Or, make a landscape with no vehicle… now that would work.

The positive side… your 3D work looks very good, exceptional to say the least. Keep up the great work always. And thanks for showing your work.


Thank you bachnoral for the kind and constructive feedback. I’ll take that to heart and try to fix it up.