The presentation of the plane

I am pretty certain that in the past when I added a plane in front view I saw the top of the plane rather than one of its sides.

In the book Introducing Character Animation with Blender the expectation is that when you add a plane in front view you see a square rather than a line.

Is there some setting I can tinker with or will I always have to rotate the plane if I want to see it square on in front view?


Yes. Blender now defaults to adding objects with their axes aligned to the global axes (top view) but you can get the old defaults back by going to the info window (pull down top header) in the Edit preferences there’s a button called “aligned to view.” Select it and new objects will be aligned to whatever window you’re in when you add the object.

I thought it might be up there but I couldn’t work out which one it could be.

Thanks for that.