The Pretender

Latest Blender thingumy from me.

Still a lot to do in terms of details for the main character’s costume and the environment but I have a question I would like opinions on:

I was going for a bit of a medieval painting look so will probably keep the central composition and general background symmetry but I was wondering if I should keep the background very plain, almost monochrome and light coloured, in order to bring the character out a bit, or if I should throw a lot of detail, decay and realistic grungy textures into the environment and rely on hard, contrasty lighting?

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Played around a bit more along the lines of making it look like a painting - a lot of Photoshop work later and I’m a lot happier with how it looks.
If I get more time then I might keep pushing the ‘painterly’ look more and mess around more with the light…

Close up

Really like it.

  1. I would try adding curtains in the background. Many throne rooms have some and I think it would play well with this scene
  2. The pedestal is leaving little room for the feet. I would elongate it
  3. I would play more with the lighting and try to make the crown stand out more. It took me a while to notice it
  4. the cloth folds look quite fake. I would try a cloth simulation with sewing springs or some more accurate cloth sculpting
  5. one of the red and green triangles around his neck has just the position and color to look like the lower part of his beak, which would be wrongly positioned under his ruff if it was the case. I would move it to make it clear that it’s not part of his beak
  6. I would make the pedestal a more luxurious color or maybe add a carpet.

Thanks for the tips - interested in which folds you think look bad - wonder if it’s the same ones I didn’t like. Some of them are simulated, some are sculpted and others are painted.

Those on the arms. The star-shaped ones look too smooth and regular and the small ones on top look improbable.

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