The Principled V2 Branch has gone. Is this good or bad?

Noticed it’s no longer on the download section for the branches, and its not in the latest 3.5 or 3.4 Beta. Does this mean that they are preparing a new update? or has it been delayed?
I’m hoping its good news and a more complete version gets put into 3.5 alpha very soon…

Builds on the download page for branches get removed after X number of days (i want to say 30 days, but don’t pin me down on that) the principled V2 branch in the code repository is alive and well.

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Hi, the latest brach is 3.4 from 31.10.2022, check:

Branch Archive

Cheers, mib

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Last update at that link appears to now be over three weeks ago – I’m also wondering what’s up with this, the new features are interesting.

you’d have to ask @lukasstockner97 as i have no idea what he’s up to on a daily basis