The prison....(.blend inside)

EDIT: I remade the whole pic…hehe hope it’s better :smiley: I made some pp in photoshop for the contrast and a bit of cloud…

Hope you like, I know it’s basic modelling…but I think I can show it without getting ban :stuck_out_tongue: lol

UPDATE ON 2nd reply!

UPDATE…I know it’s suppose to be finish but :stuck_out_tongue:
:smiley: hope it’s better and that I can have some comment now :smiley:


finally…I hope it will be good enough to get some comment…plz :smiley:

First impression: Wow :slight_smile:

Second impression: Hmmmm.

I don’t know what it is.
It looks like it could have a very good atmosphere.

It seems to be not well balanced.
Wall is to shiny ? %|
Halo light is to bright ? %|
A lack of depth ? %|
A lack of contrast ?(for the details) %|

dunno %|

actually, I wanted to have contrast between the objects and the wall.(the wall is very bright and the object are more dark). I wanted to give it a “depressing” feeling…I need to work a bit more on it…but for today it’s over…I’ll work a bit more tomorrow…maybe…

very cool image, well for contrast it isn’t very contrasted…


I don’t understand the 2nd picture very well, but I live the first one very much. In the context of an animation, I was wondering if you could have at first a very dark cell, with only the hole in the wall with bar casting both light and shadows (the shadows of teh bars), on your scene. THEN, the door opens in the back (you don’t see the door, the scene is ALWAYS the same, static, like a neutral observer reporting the events). AND the light become what you have currently where the guards discover the scene as it is… How about (to make it perectly depressing), if we saw the feet of the hung-man?

I wanted to do this…but I thought it could offend some person…I wanted to let the person think about the scene and think by themselves…

Your anim idea is cool…during the day I’ll upload the .blend if anyone want to make the anim…

thank you

oo that sounds cool…

Plainly incredible is a comment?

:o :o


X-Warrior: I am so pathetic when it comes to animating anything (but I’m trying to learn that along with causitics and uv-mapping)… I don’t think I can help very much at all here. :expressionless:

You’re right. I guess the feet are un-called for, and the chair is plenty to suggest just as much. I very much agree with that position. No need spell it out, it’s already there. Thanks for your very apt response. So picture to be found on the link you give is perfect.


S68: lol tx :smiley:

Arnaud: :smiley:

If anyone is interested in modifying the pic or anything… ~975k

weee! cool! but um… why is it blue? there are no bricks! ack!

OPSS didn’t pack the texture…let me a minute…

ok here it is:
sorry for that lol

weee! thank you!

umm… no wee? it still isn’t packed! all of your textures are BLACK!

what? I’ll download it to see :S

it work great over here…all the texture are ok…try redownloading :S

well… I re-re-re-re-re-re-re-re-redownloaded it… but the textures are still all black! perhaps you could just post the textures online too… and have it link to those textures in that folder…

I’m downloading to see if I get any problems.

What version (of blneder) are you using?