The Prison

Hello,this is a project I have been working on for a while.
Any critiques are welcome.
Obviously there is much work to be done. Any suggestions to improve it are also welcome.


Ok so, personally, I loved it at first sight.
I got a thing though with the statues on the left and right - id like to see them more intricate. More complex? Like this, and really - no offense is meant - they look like something that dropped out of a Mortal Kombat movie. Which is not a minus in general (im a fan) but they are not really famous for CG effects

Are the characters suppose to be elementals?

Been working and this is what I got.
Could do with a few suggestions as scene is still missing something.


Sorta. When i first made it i thought force of good evil and neutral thing but its up to the viewer really


Ill get to work on that right away and keep u posted

No offense taken. In fact pls be brutal I want to make this image better

i dig the concept. the entire scene feels too dark though. Even if the scene is supposed to be dark, it’s quite hard to see whats going on

Thx for the idea. Ill experiment with more light. I dont really want too much light as i want the main source to be from the 3 thingies