The process of matching visuals with sound (speech)


Say I have a story, I get people to do their lines, so now I have audio.

How do I then sync it with the visual (character speaking)?

Can I do this in Blender alone?

Cheers in advance!

You can put the audio into Blender’s Video Sequence Editor. It’ll play back the audio as you animate and during play-back.

I wouldn’t assume that if I were you. I’ve used Blender on Linux Mint and Ubuntu, and attempted for weeks to get sound to work correctly on both versions. People act like its plug and play, but it seems to depend on an awful lot of things, and I’ve been pretty much checkmated on it. Its a maddening process, where I’ve seemed to correct one problem and then another crops up. My advice would be to not use the video sequence editor under any circumstances. It’s a black hole for your time.

I’ve been forced to go to outside video editors. Avidemux works, so does lightworks.