The Prodigy Chess Player

Hey guys,
Currently, we’re reading the “Joy Luck Club” in English class. Personally, i think it’s the dumbest, most pointless book ever written. But we had to do a project on it and this is what i did…
It’s one of the characters in the book who is extremely good at chess. It has great symbolism in, “Blow sand from the East” etc. etc. etc. So here it is…
Sorry that you have to download it. I can’t put pictures up. If someone could put it up for me, that would be great!

now that is sick… very realistic i think…

well done…

Not bad! Something I think you might should do is make the chess pieces either less transparent or more transparent. Right now it looks like they’re trying to be transparent but can’t quite get there and it kind of weirds out my eyes.

Here’s the image for everyone who doesn’t want to download it.


Thanks for the comments guys. Really appreciate it.
About the transparency, i used a lot of ray mirror. About 0.5 i think.
The chess pieces, i used the spin function. Except for the Knight, i used the spin tool on the bottom and modeled the head.
Each piece took about 5 minutes to make. The Knight took about 20 minutes.
Made the girl in MakeHuman. And as you can see, I used the particle system to make the magical sand stuff, and the hair. The hair particles are not affected by a wind field. The hair is just combed that way in particle editor.
The chess board has ray mirror on too, but a little less, and i used a marble texture.
Used cloth simulation for the shirt but didn’t play around with that too much. Just got really basic with the shirt.
That’s it. Enjoy!

i was hoping to get more replies than this.

Well…there is just too much “stuff going on”… for example the board itself has very weird … white… things goin on it…The pawns could use better Ray IORing… also the players skin looks bit too Matte, liveless, hair has odd artefacts (stripes?) on them, not sure what those yellow dots are?.. Add better background, try blended sky atleast, if not full image… umm… thats about it… I like the camera angle and the idea though… needs better excecution though.

the “yellow dot thingys” as you call them, are magical sand.

Stars anyone?

I personally think that the staging and framing of the shot leaves a lot to be desired. You’re causing us to view the scene from a tilted camera and from a very odd, low angle. (Whose point-of-view is this supposed to be?) If by doing so you want us to sense the power or magic of the woman, well, it’s not working yet.

For one thing, I don’t know if you want me to focus on her or the chessboard or those unexplained particles. If you want me to focus on “her,” then I immediately look at her eyes and … there don’t seem to be any.

Re-frame the shot from a human-esque point of view. Let us be looking at that chessboard too, not sitting in the line-of-fire of that magic (with our “head” tilted as though she’d just zapped us). Then, consider very carefully just what you want to include in the frame and what you want to leave out. Remember that the eye is attracted to brightness and contrast: compose the shot so that this “leads us” through the path that you want to take… to tell the story you want to tell without words.

Get a friend to help you. Grab a digital camera, a chessboard or something about the right size, buy the friend her favorite tea or beer, and start shooting dozens of test-shots. Get framing-ideas. Try to find a composition that tells a story. Unload the camera, let the images “sit” for a few days, then go through the “roll” on the “light table.”

I agree with all the critiques from everyone else. I think your problem with the transparency is that it needs to be blurred and have some IOR. Nice start though, maybe you should move this to the WIP forums and get it looking realy good.

nice job!

It’s pretty good. There seem to be no eyes, which is really wierd. And there’s something off about the skin texture, the noise texture thing just isn’t realistic to me. The low, tilted camera view would be a really cool, original view, and would give the girl an illusion of power, even without any magical sand or anything, but it makes the chess pieces look like they should slide off the board.

I personally disagree with everyone about the sand particles. I like it. I like the chess pieces too, except for the transparency thing, it should distort and blur the board, but the board looks really scuffed up, like a piece of glass after someone took a stone and chipped out pieces all over the place. Just a simple texturing thing.

Over all, a great idea, but there’s a bunch of small points that mess it up.

hey guys,
thanks for all the responses.
i would gladly change camera perspectives and do a bunch of things to make it look better.
but sadly, it was just for school, and i’m busy working on other projects right now.
i’ll probably even delete the blend file.

Even though i’m not going to keep going with it, i would still like some stars. unless it doesn’t even deserve 1 star :smiley:

Reminds me of something I started 10 months ago but never finished.

Perhaps this means that in 10 months you’ll be as good as moi :cool:.

Jk. Props to you.

My one critique would be the title. “The Prodigal Chess Player” has a better sound to it.