The Professor

So… starting out on this character, will see how I go. I haven’t ever tried something this ambitious before and have a lot to learn.

Probably will start with the head, I will try particles for the hair and beard, and see how i go at cloth for the cloak, everything else seems fairly straight forward.

The mesh itself doesn’t have to hold up against close scrutiny as a final image is required for only very small resolution perhaps 96x96 but it does have to be animated. If it turns out well then perhaps will use for other things too :slight_smile:

work commences tomorrow
if you are interested in more artwork by this artist(who is not me) he has a deviant art page here

Hey Enetheru.
My name is Glennwaugh I showed your photo it is a good
but the problem is that I can’t read it’s contain
you have write in a readable font so every body read it.

Great concept art - look forward to your 3d renders!

The start, worked on it for about an hour or two, not really happy with the edge/face loops at the moment but I’m doing ok considering i don’t do this often. i just have to keep tweaking and I will get what I want, its early days yet.
If blender 2.5 is good enough for durian team already then its good enough for me.

Working on the edge loops for the face, but its time for my day job :frowning:
scary thing was that the build of blender i was using wouldnt re-open the blend file. so i had to append the mesh, lucjy for me that worked :slight_smile:
also ben learning alot about edje loops etc from
and also looking at google images alot

some more edje loop work before i gave up trying to make them all pretty, after all for the target resolution nobony wil know the difference, and the closer shots still look alright :slight_smile:

also moved back to blender 2.49 as 2.5 builds wouldn’t open files
also another source of good mesh topologies is

Work on the torso has begun, I got my gf to take some photos of me to make it a bit easier, I find that if i plan my model beforehand in gimp just drawing in the polys things go much smoother

thanks dude for the link above, it really helps.
I can see you’ve got some problems with the edge flow on his face. It’s kinda messed up around the chin.
but nice start with the torso tho.
keep it up!

I did some experimentation with hair particles and boy are they easy to use, i haven’t experimented with shading of them though, i had the moustache done but clicked the wrong button and lost it :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway, been working on the crotch, buttocks and knees. took alot of embarrassing photos to help get it right enough.

I am going to mess with the proportions alot once he’s mostly done, make him shorter, fatter etc.

Been a little time between updates, I had a b-day party to work on and was stuck for how to approach the feet, ended up drawing all over my own with a black sharpie to get the general jist.

There are problems with the details but over all I am quite happy with him so far. infact its coming along OK considering its my first try at a high resolution human.

I’ve also done some experimentation with cloth, for when i start on that later on. it will require alot of tweaking.

Next up are the arms, at least there is more reference for that

worked on the proportions but there are a lot of areas that need tweaking:rolleyes:
worked on the hands too, they are ok for now.
the arms need elbows still, and then clothes, i might learn how to rig him so i can test the deformation.

the fixed proportions shot is much improved, but i think it went a little to rotund. just a little less pudge would be perfect… that watch glove idea on the sketch is really cool. if you search around online you’ll find steampunk watch designers with awesome designs…

for instance

Cool images, they certainly help with inspiration.

I gave the arm some definition, and now have started on the clothes

So its uni holidays and after much programming, I decided to update this fellow.

I re-worked the eyes and nose. they weren’t any good before. they are better now.

I’m glad you fixed the eyes. That was going to be my first crit before I scrolled to the bottom. The edgeflow overall is pretty good, though you probably didn’t need to define the kneecaps that much - especially since it’s covered. Nice sketch too, though the shape of the head makes him look like a kid posing as an adult, rather than an adult, let alone an old professor.

Good work so far though.