the progression of a disease

the progression of a disease

Blender 2.43 + post pro in Adobe Photoshop

C&C necessary.



vaata omal käe kuju ning vaata siis seda mudelit -__-

you need to tweak the shape of the hand, though i like the texturing alot :slight_smile:

Yeah, Im inclined to agree with felix, looks very cool though, bump mapping?

So that’s what Blenderitis looks like.

LOL, good one indeed! :yes:

Nice design!

See kids, that what can happen if you work all day and don’t go out and play!

lol. Nice Job!

I agree with the others. Nice textures, but hands need more work.
Would love to see the finished model!

imho - the model of the hand isnt very good and the “disease” doesnt look like much time was spent on it
srry, but maybe you should have posted in the WIP forum before here :slight_smile:

Consider checking your anatomy books for better reference.

Reference required! Your own hand would do fine, unless it is too much affected with the disease! Great idea.