The Project Peach guys are calling for coders for additional help

If you are a Blender developer or is starting to, Peach has some features they need or want and would like you to code for them.

The wiki page is in the link, if you think you want a shot at coding a feature for them, then they’ll welcome you to try, reward includes fame and a place in the credits.

It is important to note ithat these new requests from Peach are for features that are much less work to implement than the initial list published at the very start of the Peach project. So, if time constraints prevented you to contribute…

It’s good someone is spreading the word, but your topic title really sounds like something from a tabloid and to a degree conveys the meaning that the peach guys are to lazy to code for themselves.

“Project Peach team looking for additional help with coding new features” might sound a bit better :wink: