The project still lives!

hi everyone…some may remember a project i was working on a while back.
I decided to start a new thread because that was quite a longtime ago and really wouldn’t help much.
I took an absence from the project for a lot of reasons and now I feel the urge to start again. I still have all the files…and most of the models are created…but I have quite a bit of texturing to do…then all the finals…lots of animations to redo and fix and add…anyway i just wanted to show some new stuff that i did…I tweaked the terrain to try and make it better and adjusted snow and such with the new particle system…but i still have a lot to do in that area…anyway
and crits…negative and positive are appreciated…i’m making a new UV for the human models right now…I hate texturing so all help in that area is greatly appreciated.

heres the old thread:

anyway hers some good shots of the terrain so far…

Looks really good! Hope you can finish it this time. No crits from what I can see. Can’t wait to see an update.

thank you…I should soon

Ermm…“I hate texturing so all help in that area is greatly appreciated.” I need help there too. Looks good though! Great job

What help do you need in it. Any specifics? I am not that good in texturing either but might be able to give some sort of help.

im terrible and veru inexperienced at 2d art…gimp…photoshop…i’m not artistic like that.
but anmly texturing my characters and such…as you can see I’m not too bad at terrain(hope that doesn’t sounds high up…im not…just proud of what i’ve done lol)
but skin and organics for the faces and such

Looking pretty good mate, looks like it would make a good game model. You do seam to be able to do terrain pretty well, im struggling with that at the moment in my project
It would be great to know how you textured it to look good. Any help you could give me with terrain would be great.

thank you…I might show my node setup later if I can lol I don’t even really remember how I did it

well heres the human model…with new eyes and some tweaks…mostly basic materials here…not much on texturing and stuff I keep looking at my orc model like I might redo it lol…i don’t know…still got a lot of work to do.

Wooo - really atmospheric… I find for texturing the best way to start is to browse the Blender Materials Depository and then modify the materials until you’re happy with them, often by turning off textures you don’t need. Myself I hate UVmapping, but like tweaking materials. Oh and I’ll point you towards my rant about grey.

do you mean the grey for the terrain? it’s supposed to be very cloudy and misty and such…so grey and white is like a must…im trying to give the feeling that you never wanna be outside that castle.

but im reading it…pretty nice good…post

I have a basic summery of why the 2 forces are fighting and a checklist of what I can see that I still need to do…so i thought I would share it.

Quick story summery(open for change):


A murderous horde of bloodthristy orcs, attacks a castle hoping to take over and use it as their new stronghold for the long dark winter…but the humans are not willing to give up their home…knowing the orcs will not spare them and delight in the shedding of blood. Can the orcs take the castle? or will the humans outnumbered,but using the defense of their castle and armor hold them off? One thing is certain…many will die…(just had to add that lol)

To Do List

battering ram
torches(done…besides fire)


battering ram(almost done)
Ladders (done)

armies(gonna have some major issues)
Paths(character movement)

walkcycles(touch up)
carrying ladders, torches
basically a lot of stuff

so as you see I still have a lot do do

I have both the essential blender book and Introducing character animation in blender…so I can get a lot of help from those

heres another shot of the characters…the bowman is about just as far as the swordsman…just gotta add the materials over and set the indexes

added smoke and new snow and a better texture for the castle


battering ram comping along…trying to fix the cartoony look that it has…maybe better textures will help…gonna have fun animating it.

also I have a low poly chicken that is rigged and has some ncie animations…very simple…maybe I’ll texture it and add a few walking around and pecking in the city…won’t really be seen much though

a lot of little progress ahs been made…to be honest I am starting to not even care about texturing and just get the animations and such done…it will be awesome to see it all in action…setting up the armies and compositing everything together is gonna be rough though…high…high…poly!!

I wish people would comment so im not doing double posts…lol jk

wow, until reading that i didn’t grasp just how big this project is going to be. It sounds like you are trying to make a movie!! Well i wouldn’t have a clue about all the rigging and stuff, but at the moment the modeling is all looking good. Maybe make one or two really detailed models for if you have an close up fight scenes, the rest don’t need to look incredible because I assume you will be filming from a distance.

Very nice, and it’s a huge project!

I checked your previous thread and image/animations. Some of them were a little rough but with the scale you are going it probably wont show much.

One thing that seems missing is a road/markers leading to the castle, even if it is winter, the snow where the road is would be slightly depressed from the sides.

Take care!

yeah pretty big huh? lol
I am gonna start a lot of animating soon…got some stuff to add and textures to do…then a lot of tweaking and tuning…then I have to deal with the compositor and try to get all these things to come together…not an easy task with this amount of characters lol

can’t wait to see the number of faces in each scene!!!

I can’t wait for the your next update!

yeah im gonna try and get some real animation work done this weekend,been at work to much to do anything