The Prometheus (space ship for independent film)

Hi folks. It’s been a while since I posted any of my personal work. But, thankfully I have a small job now making some space ships for an indie movie. And the director/producer (Andrew Bellware) is a Blender fan, likes open source, and is in favour of showing what we’re up to. Very rare! (a lot of stuff I can’t show).

More about the movie can be found on the producer’s blog:

This is the first ship for the film… The Prometheus.
As you may be able to tell… it’s rather large.

It still needs a big gun on top, a bunch more modelling. And of course texturing/materials!

Please let me know what you think!

ps. by Indie I meant independent.

80s era Dustbuster?

Haha, only joshin’ with you, Macouno. I really like the model (competitive with anything from Star {Wars,Trek}) and I am excited to see what happens with the texturing.


nice beginning

but when you look at it
it also looks like a handgun ! LOL

can’t wait to see mat and Text
are you doing it in cycles ?

happy 2.6

very nice look forward to seeing more

Love the design. It feels very different, but each element of the ship feels like it has purpose, which is something that a lot of designers don’t always accomplish. Impressive work. I can’t wait to see further progress on it.

rking, LOL yeah That’s not a bad comparison… that’s kind of the design aesthetic I had in mind!

Thanks guys… The director sent me an image just now of what the set of the bridge looks like… it needs remodelling… the set is tiny! Updates coming tomorrow! :wink:

Here’s an update.

So… I moved the “bridge” higher up, and made it match the actual set of the film.

Also… made a gun on top (almost happy with it)… and I started playing a bit with colours. Right now I just sepparated all the hull plates and used a tiny python script to give them everything a slightly random object colour, and enabled object colour in the material setting… I really only have 2 materials now, the grey which uses object colour, and the white for windows.

Here’s the python snippet for generating random object colours for meshes:

Hello, I’m Howard, and am currently working with Blender to make a movie, check out the progress so far by visiting

Now, to business, by Indie Movie, do you mean, Indiana Jones? I can’t work out what “Indie” Means.


Indie as in Independent