The proposal (nudity)

Giorgio de Chirico meets Pink Floyd and proposes marriage :slight_smile:


Very nice, not too shabby.

Where is the nudity?

Good morning, the worm your honor! Excellent to see some Floyd references, well done :slight_smile:

Awesome. Nice to see some surreal stuff, I wish I could visualise these sorts of images myself.

She’s freaked out by his robot hands! :smiley:

“That’s … so … cool … far out … man … yeah … gimme another hit on that thing … ahhhh …”

:slight_smile: Quite seriously, that’s fine. Very imaginative and well-done. We’ve all had days like that, eh? Today, for instance.

LOL. Tears of Steel Subreal Edition.

This is in fact a great piece of art, congratulations.

Not one thing comes to mind to critique.
Briliant work.

Hey thanks a lot for the very kind comments everyone :slight_smile: They are much appreciated!

Great impressionist work when 90% of posts are going for realism of one sort or another. Also is (nudity) because of her breasts or his penis on the ground by the door? :spin:

You mean you proposed to a naked woman today? What did she say?

brilliant,nice to see this kind of works.please do a pure Chirico or Magritte.