The Punisher

Hi guys! This is my first post here and I’m very happy to show you my work for Hum3D Car Render Challenge 2017.

This is a really existing armored car called ‘Falcatus’ and based on the chassis of the KAMAZ-4911 ‘rally’ car.

This work was inspired by the unique and futuristic design of Falcatus and the films of my childhood like Dredd (1995), Robocop (1987) etc. I wanted to create an environment, which could tell you, ‘Hey there, this is a bad place, it’s not safe here’. These are the conditions in which police often work. Hope that I have created this kind of atmosphere in my work.

This is my first complex work in Blender and the main purpose was to improve my skills in b3d. And I must tell you, guys, that I am so much impressed by Blender’s capabilities.

Modelling -Blender, texturing - Substance Painter and Gimp, rendering - Cycles, postproduction - Blender.

You can also see my WIP here

Hope you like it! Cheers!