The python message sensor in the gamengine is not complete!

Hi. I’m attempting to code a textbox GUI element in Python that changes text according to a messege it recieves. However, for some reason the message sensor method getBodies does not return anything! Heres my code:

#This function handles the events of various control functions.
#In other words, it calls callback functions

import GameLogic

#the string tables
stringtable = [‘Hello. Welcome to Bouncie.
More Test

#the callback functions

#The function callback/functions for a TextBox
def TB1_TextChange():
print “Text Change Event!”
sensor = controller.getSensors()
print dir(sensor[0])
print sensor[0].getBodies()

#Detect which function to call and call it
controller = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
owner = controller.getOwner()

if owner.state == 1: #for things like buttons.
owner.state = 0
exec owner.FunctionCallback

What’s the Error-Message You get? Are You sure, there is a incoming Mail to the Sensor. Maybe You should use a “if Sensor.isPositive():” Question. Does the incoming Mail really have Bodies? Who is the Sender?
Maybe that helps to find out what’s going on.

The sender is a camera, the reciever is a plane, and the message is being sent across scenes (from one scene to an overlay scene). The subject remains intact, but when I do a print sensor[0].getBodies() it returns “None.”


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