The Quad Room mini game

Hi everyone.
I decided to give your attention to my old frozen project.

Why is the project frozen? Because there was no platform like Portal™, there were no ladders and glow (flare) - it’s all already decided and given to your attention.
In one example, all solutions - platform, ladder and glow (Flare)
There are already two rooms ready, but they need to be improved - probably there will be a Box projected cube map, and graphics like Mirror’s Edge™.

At the moment it is necessary to make the player’s settings - squatting, anti-slip from oblique surfaces … it’s all me too, braked, and cut down the possibilities of realizing the ideas of the levels (rooms). For example, in the second room, I wanted to make a platform - but the player slipped from it - everything stopped …

Link to the project (temporarily closed)

Thank you for attention.

p.s. Many thanks to Martins Upitis, for an example of a

. This prompted me to improve the graphics in my project.

The old style of graphics that was when creating a theme.

The preview looks super polished. Good job.

I think you should focus on gameplay before graphics, or make a team with someone to work on logic/ code and someone working on graphics.

  • Thank you. And the gameplay itself, and the idea?
  • I know that it’s hard for one to develop games,but with BGE is a little easier. But there is an example of one person’s game, a good game — Antichamber from Alexander Bruce :yes:.Especially with the advent of Steam™ - everything became even easier.

At the moment, I already have some work to do at least to finish those projects that I started. When I gain some experience in the development of games,then I can unite in the team and make a significant project. My style— “easy man, easy.”. Everything should be a “step by step”.

In my head, certain developments and projects have already matured, for which a team is already needed. But I do not see that team - I created the actual topic of “FPS settings”, it’s for everyone - but no one really helps, only a certain Vladas (Владас, not familiar to me) - we solved three important problems with him — ladder, fast glow and platform.

Hypothetically,I myself can create style games like “The Quad Room mini game”(already with the best graphics, this project is almost a year, and a lot has changed over the year) - but not against the work of the team, and even behind the commercial project.

Hi guys, I’m doing a restart for my little project …

How do you like the new style? The menu can then make it lighter - ashy …

If anyone is interested, here is an example - the_quad_room.blend (1.1 MB)

Thank you for attention

Originally posted by Nick Manchul p.s. Many thanks to Martins Upitis, for an example of a

. This prompted me to improve the graphics in my project.
I must say honestly your Graphics look really really awesome all thanks to Martins Upitis i must say Martins Upitis doe’s amazing work on the blender Game Engine !!!


  • there is not so simple - I had to give up the “cube map” - this mini game in the style of Indie, graphic excesses are superfluous, and I have not completely understood with the shader CM. What I learned from Martins - understanding what a lightmap is, and the fact that it is quite small in resolution. And the fact that on a weak computer without baking in Cycles beautiful games do not happen. And after studying the example of Martins, I understood how caustics (reflected colored light) add realism to the scene … In short, even without the CM shader, there is a great merit for Martins.

Martins is an intelligent person, this is a fact - I only have hoarfrost on my brains :D. And yes, he did a lot for the Blender community.


Finally decided to remake the game to a new style - baked the start room and the corridor. I put a shutdown script on the lamps so that there would be no reflection in the other rooms. Refused the steps in favor of oblique surfaces.
I made a save, thanks to him - Leralasss. But completely the problem with the save function is not solved.
The files in the archive have been updated.

Thank you for attention.

All greetings again.

Here’s what I have for today:

Made a menu - pause and basic. Refused from 3d menu on the wall in the direction of the classical.
Modeled room_01 and baked the lightmap.

Files in the cloud are updated

Thank you for attention.

P.s. In the fight shaders SSAO HBAO BLOOM, won - ta-da! - Cycles bake and lens_scale technic :yes:

Hello everybody.
Well, I did a little bit of my game …

What is done:

  • made auto-save when passing the first room;
  • made an interactive sign “Q” - after the passage of rooms, sign will change the color by 1/4;
  • reworked the logic of passing room 01, now more interesting;
  • has developed a help menu - now much better;
  • changed the door logic, now you have to go to the door and press E - so better, the door does not work when you do not need it.
  • slightly adding sounds …

It seems to me, the game has already acquired its style, it remains only to develop the rooms - room number one is ready.
Who knows the script to pause the sounds? Help me please:eyebrowlift2:.

Thank you for attention.

ps - archive file has been updated

Hello again.
For today I have a small update …

Room 02 is ready - you can see the file in the work folder.

Thank you for attention.

Hello everybody!
Updates for today:

  • ready room 03
  • reworked the logic of light
  • adding animation of jumppads

Archive file has been updated

Thank you for attention.

Looks really amazing i like the Lens Flares u used for the Lights its very professional Nice work on everything including the Format and Layout of the scenes you’re showing in the screenshots above !!!

Its Awesome it looks really refined wow keep it up bro i support your project.


Thank you for the comments, it gave me a little even interest in the implementation of my project.

Hello again!
Progress to date:
Using the script fromthis topic (thanks to Nicholas_A), I made a moving lamp and glow_plane on the buttons. Now in the whole game there are two lamps - one common for rooms, the second - common for the buttons, as well as a glow.
I put the script with a frustum on the camera (thanks to Stirlitz from - now the lamp on the button in room 02 does not shine through the ceiling.
Bit optimized scripts and logic bricks…
After that, the overall performance of the game improved.

Archive file has been updated

Thank you for attention.

p.s. now my soul is calm:yes: - the game is optimized and got the finish quality:eyebrowlift:.

I took a laptop with Windows installed and compiled the game, then ran it for the test - on Celeron 2х1.6 GHz (2,16 Turbo), 4GB RAM and integrated video (Intel) the game went without lags. And this is already a good indicator for me.

p.s. in the archive there is also for the Linux binaries

Hello BA people.
I have a small upgrade - created simple titles.
Maybe someone like the principle … and useful for their projects.

Everything is modest … not very pompous, I would say so.:yes:.
The files in the archive have been updated.

Good luck in your creative.

p.s. the game file itself is slightly changed, but not completed - I switch to one general menu - games and pauses.
The main update only titles.