ThE QueeN

hey guys here is my entry…

Rendered in Blender internal…
High res here:

Nita :eyebrowlift:


Nice,textures are very awsome where did you get those??

Very nice! Something seems not quite realitic about the eyes, nose, and mouth, but the fur on the head is spot on! Really great job! I especially like the ears.

i goggled some high res wallpapers of lioness… :slight_smile:

And what about background??

yes i took ref for bg too… i added some big rocks… a tree bark and water…

Another potential winner here! Really amazing fur and lighting!

wow that’s outstanding. and of course perfect title for the subject matter. :slight_smile:

Great image. Love the eyes and the fur.

Pankaj Sharma

The catch light reflection in the eyes should probably be a sky occluded by trees, not a lamp box :wink: nice fur.

The eyes are probably the most important in this and they’re not convincing enough in my opinion. They lack depth and feel very artificial. I don’t know when the deadline for this is but if you have time I’d work on them. The mouth looks a bit like plastic as well.
The fur is very well done though. Nice work overall!

keep it up duks … you are doing great

amazing fur.

hello everyone… here r the partical system which i used …


I tend to disagree with the “eyes” comment. They seem to have the appropriate amount of depth for something that’s not looking directly into the camera.

this is just amazing. i would like love to just take that lion home :smiley:
i love it

Great image :slight_smile: