The Quest for Perfection (Title working progress)

My new game is a game about a elf (Low poly) on a quest to become like the king (Higher poly) by going through progressively more detailed levels until he reaches the “elder” who can potentially make him look better. So far the game seems to be a Mario Style game. Here is a Demo

  Thanks for the critique and it now should be fixed with the easily fixed bugs 

Here is the new Demo with textures (Sorry it starts on level two, go change the level to start)

Thanks For any comments

Played it.
The basic Idea is really nice – though to make it really effective, a higher technical Contrast would help, not just an increased Polycount but also better Textures, better Materials, Things becoming more realistic et cetera.

Some Critique:
~ Texture Images weren’t packed.
~ I don’t think you can use .psd Images at all. (I suggest .png or even .jpg.)
~ Controls are very limited – stepping back or sideways would make Jumping Passages much easier.
~ The static Camera behind the Player should at Least look up a little Bit more (I could hardly see what’s in the Distance – that’s fine in Terms of Fog or Blur, but not if it is because of the Camera looking at the Ground). However, I guess you will implement free Camera Control in a later Version.