the question not about blender . My pc latley is getting louder and louder

fans please be quite

I have removed all of the dust from the pc . I have removed and cleaned the heat sink with the alcohol solotion removed all of the old thermal paste. and applied some new thermal paste to the cpu . Ive removed thepower supply fans and cleaned the fans . There was 2 power supply fans . Ive placed them back .

My pc is still noisy how can get the pc to be quiter as it didnt make a sound when new . Ive downoaded the attachemnet which shows the specs of my machine . The attachment does seem to be showing only one fan . I am wondering if the 2 power supply fans are not working . ive open the case and checked the cpu fan is spinning . It seems to be doing alot spinning maybe all of the work . According to the attachment i can only see one fan which has rps showing(revolutoions per secs)

Ive attached the sheet anyone more expereinced might be alble to the question .


Motherboard in your case has 1 fan and revs are controlled by the circuitry on it; PSU has no such luxury or at least i’ve never seen that on ordinary PC models. No worries here. Temperature does look fine.

You say you cleaned fans - does that include lubricating bearings? Because if your PC is aged, well, these use to wear out and that is where sound comes from. Consider changing some if they make a lot of noise. One 120 mm fan on PSU is usually much quieter than 2 smaller ones but that depends on the construction of PSU.

Rubber P.S./Fan dampeners!