The question of Smoke + Fast animation

i have a question of the smoke effect for the smoke with a fast animation, by the way i see the particle during the animation from frame 3 -frame 5 are “stop”, after frame 5 it will stick back to the animation, is that any way to make the smoke keep following the animation?


Under the Particle System setting, go to the Cache panel, and try changing the Cache Step to 1.

Hey Thezodiac, that’s work! thanks man~ by the way do you know how to make the size for the smoke smaller? becasue i have already rescale the emitter mesh to 0.1. but the smoke seem like the same size…

I don’t think the emitter size (or particle size) influences the size of the smoke itself. The size of the domain object does appear to scale the size of the smoke. Also try playing with the density and temp diff settings of the smoke domain and smoke flow.

Cyruslam don’t worry too much about the size of the puffballs you see in gsls, try a render first to see if they are really too big as so much depends on how you set the textures/ materials.

Thanks Thezodiac and Walshlg, and Walshlg, may you share with me how to tune the size in texture and materials please, because i
m noob in FX, thank you very much

may I suggest that you start with the tuts on If you’d care to see my experiments, I’ve been posting them on vimeo: for example

That’s great!! really good dude, your video is cool~~~~ i’m trying right now, thanks

I forgot to mention that one of the best things I’ve done, to help others figure out what is going on, is that I have screenshots of all my settings at the end of each vid.

i’m trying now , after i get it i will share here :smiley:
i really want to try make some tutorial if i can :smiley: